Sad: 2021 Chrysler 300 Will Slash Trims, Options, Appeal, As It Nears End

As the Chrysler 300 nears the end of its run after over 58 years (just kidding, but it’s a long run at over 15 years!) you knew this would happen. Fiat Chrysler has decided for 2021 to slash trims, options, and in turn its appeal as it nears that end. It’s a sad fate heightened by the probability the Chrysler marque probably will be dropped soon. 

Chrysler only makes two vehicles: the 300 and Pacifica. The manpower it takes to maintain a complete car division for only two models doesn’t pencil out. With the imminent merger with the French PSA Group in the first part of next year both Chrysler and Dodge are hanging by a thread. The new combo will be called Stellantis but right now it looks like only Jeep and Ram will be left after the slashing starts. 

For what could be its final year the 2021 300 will drop two models

For what could be its final year the 300 will drop its two most expensive trims; the Limited and 300C. With that move, there are also some premium features that will go into the wastebasket. So what’s left is the Touring and 300S. All-wheel-drive will still be available only in the Touring model. 

However, the real-wood interior trim, Nappa leather, and quilted seats got dropped. The 5.7-liter Hemi V8 remains, but the option has been bumped from $3,000 to $4,000. It is only available in the 300S. Honestly, if anyone still wants a Chrysler 300 they might as well get the advantage of being a V8 in a sea of Asian and Korean V6 sedans. 

Once you get past $40,000 you’re in Toyota Avalon and Genesis G80 territory

2021 Chrysler 300 interior | FCA

The 2021 300’s price has not been bumped up much. The 300 Touring comes in at $31,940 which is only $405 more than 2020. With the addition of the 300S trim, the price bumps up to $37,000 without the Hemi. With the Hemi, you’re looking at $41,000 for starters. Unfortunately, once you get past $40,000 you’re in Toyota Avalon and Genesis G80 territory.

With the newer tech and fresh designs, it puts the 300 at the back of the pack. The G80 was all-new for 2017 while the Avalon was completely redesigned just last year. While still a good-looking design all these years later it hardly compares to competition as new as our two examples. 

While the Dodge and Chrysler sedans soldiered on development money at Fiat Chrysler went toward Fiat development for the most part. When there was money for the US counterpart it went to Jeep or Ram. While Fiat has been a dismal failure in the US it has a better run in Europe. Still, it is a shame that between Daimler-Benz and Fiat the Chrysler coffers were raided silly. 

Future European-designed sedans won’t be the homegrown, brutal, ones like the Chrysler 300


The Chrysler 300 Hasn’t Changed Much Over the Years and That’s Not a Bad Thing

If the Stellantis consortium feels there is any brand recognition left for Chrysler and Dodge it might rebadge Peugeot or Citroen models. But these strictly European-designed sedans won’t be the homegrown, brutal, sedans from America’s past. If that is what you’re looking for you better pick up a 300 now. Even though they contain many Mercedes components when the 300 stops being made that will be the end of the American luxury sedan.