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You’ve probably heard plenty of stories of cars breaking down while on the road and needing to call a company to offer assistance. However, you might not realize that these roadside assistance companies extend their services to help out with RVs

With the list of roadside services out there, it’s hard to choose the right one for your situation. According to RVingKnowHow, there are a few good choices out there to consider, besides AAA. Let’s look at which ones they compare.

What options are there for roadside assistance?

An RV Camper driving down a desert highway with bikes and a spare tire on its back
RV Camper | Michal Fludra/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Skipping out on roadside assistance for your RV could lead to disaster, so it’s good there are a few different companies out there offering it for your camping vehicle. 

One is Allstate Insurance, where you can get RV roadside assistance without having its auto insurance plan. However, you will have to pay a large membership fee. What’s good about the plan is its Pay-Per-Use option. You don’t have to put down a ton of money if you’re only planning one RV vacation trip. The plan gives you emergency fuel service, start assistance, and lockout assistance. 

You can also choose the Paragon Motor Club. This plan will cover you if your RV doesn’t start, runs out of gas, or if you’re locked out of the RV, and even gives you a tire change if one happens to go flat. Its classic membership plan gets you towing for up to 100 miles. The plan even pays for some of your emergency transportation if your RV is stolen within 100 miles of your home. The best part of going with this company is that you don’t have to own the RV for the plan to cover it. That works out great if you use one of those RV-sharing companies where you can rent a camper out for a few days.  

Good Sam Roadside Assistance will tow your RV to the nearest service center. However, it may not be the one you would choose to repair your RV. The plan also offers Just Start service, gas delivery with a minimum of five gallons of fuel, and Emergency Lockout assistance. Plus, it’s good for extra-long trips. 

What does AAA offer for RV roadside assistance?

For RV roadside service, AAA gives you two plans to choose from. You can opt for the Plus, which is $143 a year, or choose the Premier plan for $210. One downside to AAA is that it requires you to purchase auto coverage, and then you can add RV coverage to that. 

The Plus plan only covers RV trailers up to 32 feet in length. For those that are longer, you will need to get the Premier plan instead. If you happen to have a motorcycle that you’re bringing along, the company allows you to cover that as well for only $35 more. For other members of your household, you will need to pay for additional coverage to include them in your plan. 

As for towing, AAA gives drivers four free tows of 100 miles with the Plus plan. With the Premier, you get one free 200-mile tow and three tows of 100 miles. The best part of this company is that they will tow your RV to the place of your choice, even if it isn’t the closest one to you. 

Which company offers the best RV roadside assistance?


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Good Sam Roadside Assistance is probably the biggest high-level competitor of AAA roadside service. According to Good Sam’s Roadside website, you can choose from Standard, Platinum, and Platinum Complete plans. Prices for the first year range from $65 to $120, but if you renew it, the rates will go up to $130 to $240. 

While you don’t get to choose where to have your RV towed to, you will get unlimited towing amounts; it will just be to the nearest service center. This goes for drivers in the US and Canada. AAA has a limit of $100 to $150 of services for locksmiths, depending on your plan with them. Good Sam has no limit on the cost of lock assistance. 

With AAA, you get quite a few discounted services for being a member. According to NerdWallet, drivers get 10 percent off at auto body repair shops that AAA approves, 20 percent or more on car and truck rentals, 10 percent off of an oil change, along with discounts to amusement parks, museums, and various other types of entertainment. 

With Good Sam, you can get discounts at Camping World, Gander Mountain, free one-day car rental if your vehicle has to be towed, a 5-cent fuel discount on select Pilot Flying J’s fuel stations, and 10 percent off of the entrance to Good Sam campgrounds and parks. 

While there are plenty of RV roadside assistance companies to choose from, the one that makes the most sense is Good Sam. They have no limits to deal with, plus it has a lot of discounts at a minimum price of $65 for the first year, which is pretty good for an introductory price.