Rusty Monday: Rusted Hulks Playing Peek-A-Boo

Some cars left to rust have been abandoned so long that Mother Nature can consume them. Yet, there they are if you’ve got the eyes to seek them out. These Rusty Monday relics are doing a good job of keeping out of sight, whether winter or summer. These rusted sedans are playing peek-a-boo surrounded by whatever has grown around, over, or through it. 

Some of these Rusty Monday subjects look like they might someday escape the hands of the crusher. Others won’t matter; they’re so far gone. Let’s take a look?

1958 Plymouth

1958 Plymouth | Facebook

So much has grown around this 1958 Plymouth that it is well hidden. There could still be some salvageable parts left on this wannabe Christine, but this is mostly a goner.

Mystery Sedan

Rusty Monday mystery car | Facebook

This is a first for Rusty Monday; we can’t identify this almost gone sedan. The rear window frame is distinctive enough for an ID to be possible. But not by your MotorBiscuit team.

1961 Chrysler/Desoto

1961 Chrysler/Desoto | Facebook

Those canted headlights signify this is either a 1961 Chrysler or Desoto. Though the ‘Soto would be exceedingly rare, without the hood or a couple of other indicators it’s hard to say one way or the other. 

1955/56 Packard Clipper

1955-56 Packard Clipper | Facebook

The last of the true Packards was in 1956. We think this is a 1955 Clipper only because that year was more plentiful than 1956. Built at the Connor Ave. assembly plant, Packard had abandoned their Grand Ave. plant after 1954. If you’ve seen it today it is in about the same shape as this Clipper. 

1969 Ford Torino

1968-69 Ford Torino | Facebook

This fastback Ford Torino is still somewhat visible through pine needles and the surrounding brush does a good job of hiding it. Next to it is a 1955 Ford, and behind a 1952-54 Ford. So this must be someone’s Ford dumping ground.

1969 Ford Galaxie

1969-70 Ford | Facebook

This full-size Ford is almost completely hidden with the help of its gold paint. It blends in well around the brush, leaves, and overhanging trees. Those long sail panels mean this is a two-door. 

1957 Chevy Bel Air

1957 Chevy Bel Air | Facebook

Not only is this a 1957 Chevy but it is the Bel Air model. This four-door sedan was top of the line for Chevy. Looking fairly complete it also looks to be sagging. Not good! Whether Hawaii or Florida, these high humidity locations can really rust a car up in no time. 

1964 Ford Galaxie wagon

1964 Ford Galaxie wagon | Facebook

Ford dominated wagon production in the 1960s so it’s a bit surprising we don’t see more. Maybe it’s because they’re hidden by their surroundings? If this one is to be saved it better happen soon as we would guess the floors in this are not looking too good. 

1953-62 Triumph TR2/TR3

Triumph TR2-TR3

Rusty Monday: Rustober Classic Mustangs Too Far Gone To Save

It’s hard to say whether this was a Triumph TR2 or TR3. The little British sports car was quite popular in its heyday. This one has been languishing here so long the back section has almost returned to Mother Nature. Still, there are some varied pieces that could be returned to good use for someone’s TR project.