Revealed: This Is the VMW Navarro-No, Not BMW

Vanderhall Motor Works or VMW is planning on breaking out of the three-wheel autocycle production it is known for and is engineering the EV SUV segment. This is the VMW Navarro-no, not BMW and no, not Nissan Navara. Yes, it could have picked a less confusing company and product name but then it wouldn’t be the same VMW. 

2022 Vanderhall Navarro | VMW

The Navarro will be an electric four-wheel-drive off-road vehicle

Based on the company statement (see below) the Navarro will be an electric four-wheel-drive off-road vehicle. Since this is just a teaser there is not a lot of other info. The Provo, Utah, company will provide specs on the Navarro next month and the reveal will be in January. It worked this way for the C8 Corvette and Bronco, so that’s how VMW will roll. Preorders start next summer and VMW will start cranking out Navarro EVs in 2022. 

Instead of more info we get this teaser video:

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And this statement: 

“In an effort to provide new and disruptive products to bolster our dealer’s profitability, cement our brand’s status as the premium powersports manufacturer, and expand our total market share, Vanderhall is pleased to announce the Navarro as our next evolutionary model. The four-wheel, all-electric, off-road Vanderhall Navarro will have many groundbreaking technologies and firsts for any production powersports model,” said R. Scott Bell, Vanderhall COO.

VMW is not a new company, nor is it new to vehicle manufacturing

2020 Vanderhall Venice 3-Wheeler | VMW

VMW is not a new company, nor is it new to vehicle manufacturing. The company produces vehicles more in the line of Polaris with the Slingshot or Morgan with its venerable three-wheel creation. VMW currently boasts three different vehicles. One is the electric Edison, and the other two are the three-wheel Venice and Carmel models. Those two are powered by GM LFV 1.5-liter turbo four-cylinder engines. The Edison uses two electric motors for its power.

Three-wheel creations are bound by motorcycle safety regulations

2020 Vanderhall Venice 3-Wheeler | VMW

Since these three-wheel creations are considered motorcycles they are not bound by as many safety regulations as cars. But they do incorporate crumple zones and twin roll bars. The base price of a 2020 Vanderhall Venice is just under $30,000. The Venice GT comes in at just under $34,000. The more upscale Carmel boasts a top, doors, and air conditioning. No, it is not an enclosed cabin but it is still nice to have cold air blowing on you in 95-degree heat with 90% humidity. 

With VMW expanding into a 30,000 sq ft manufacturing facility the plan is to make the Carmel and Navarro in the new factory. It sounds like Venice will be dropped but that is not clear. Whatever, the Navarro looks very cool so we can’t wait to test one and see what it has in the way of off-road chops.