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After playing for the L.A. Lakers for over eight years, Shaquille O’Neal became known as one of the greatest centers that the NBA has ever seen. Standing at 7′ 1″ and weighing roughly 325 pounds, his giant stature helped him to dominate his opponents when he got on the court. During the course of his career, Shaq has helped lead the Lakers to three consecutive championship victories.

Not only is he a great athlete, but Shaq has also been known to star in a few movies, appear in a few TV shows, and even host his very own podcast. It’s safe to say that he has had a very diverse career over the past couple of decades.

O’Neal’s resume is not the only thing that is impressive. He also has a huge collection of customized vehicles that would make any car enthusiast green with envy. It’s no surprise that some of his vehicles are, just like him, larger than life. However, there are a few cars that he owns that you may find surprising. Here is a look at the specific style of car that O’Neal is surprisingly obsessed with.

What surprising car does Shaq have in his collection?

O’Neal has a wide selection of large cars to choose from. Because he is so tall, he actually had to have the body of his Lamborghini extended so that it would better accommodate his large body. This is why most people are surprised to find out that he actually has quite a few three-wheeled cars in his garage. The three-wheeled cars have a unique design that makes them nice to look at, but none of them are very big.

In fact, he has uploaded a picture of himself standing beside his newest three-wheeled purchase onto his Instagram account. The contrast between the car’s size and his body’s size kind of reminded us of when you see a 12-year old that still wants to ride the Power Wheel that he got for his fourth birthday.

It may seem like an odd type of car for a giant basketball player to have, but somehow, O’Neal makes it work.

How many three-wheel cars does Shaquille O’Neal own?

 According to Hot Cars, O’Neal currently owns three different three-wheeled cars. One of the most surprising ones in the group is the Vanderhall Venice Roadster. The car features two 18-inch wheels in the front and one in the back. The car measures at about 145 inches long from the nose to tail, but the cockpit is rather small and is only capable of seating two people. 

The world-renowned NBA star also owns two Polaris Slingshots. The Slingshots are some of the most popular three-wheeled models on the market today because of their unique, futuristic designs.

O’Neal’s fist Slingshot is also a two-seater. It is a little wider and longer than his Vanderhall, but he still had to have the car customized to give him a little more interior room to make the car more comfortable. He had the car professionally customized by West Coast Customs who had renamed nicknamed their creation the “SlingShaq.”

The other Slingshot that O’Neal owns is the only one in the lineup that actually looks like it would comfortably fit the former Laker. This Slingshot is the only four-seat car in the group. The body structure also looks slightly longer and the back is a little higher than his other two three-wheeled cars.

Although the backseat doesn’t look too spacious, if O’Neal were to scoot his front seat all the way back, he would definitely have enough room to drive this car. 

Why is Shaq obsessed with these cars?

The 1886 Benz Patent Motorwagen was the first three-wheeled car that was ever created. Over the next century, a few auto manufacturers had created other versions of the three-wheeled car. While the cars were fairly popular in Europe, the three-wheel design had a hard time finding success in America.

Although the three-wheel car was never popular in the U.S., there are still plenty of people that are able to see the beauty of these unique cars. These types of cars have a unique combination of powerful engines and aerodynamic designs that make them really fun to drive.

The cars may have a Go-Kart-like look to them, however, they are actually very powerful and agile. In fact, the Vanderhall Venice Roadster is capable of going 0 to 60 mph in just 4.5 seconds. When you consider the superior suspension and a low center of gravity, these little cars make for an extremely fun drive.