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The head of the Jeep brand Christian Meunier confirmed rumors that a small Jeep slotted below the Renegade, would debut before 2025. And it will be an all-electric baby SUV. This confirms MotorBiscuit posts about interest in the US for the Suzuki Jimny. Suzuki no longer imports its products into the US.

Jeep is “looking at every segment possible”

side view of Suzuki Jimny
Suzuki Jimny | Suzuki

Mark Allen, Jeep exterior design boss, added, “We’re looking at every segment possible,” in reference to electric Jeeps. So US enthusiasts that are enamored by the Jimny may get their own version courtesy of Jeep.

It was also revealed that Jeep may actually do an electric version slotted around the range-topping Wagoneer. “Renegade is a B-segment, so obviously there’s room below that and that’s something we’re looking at,” said Allen to autoexpress. “But we’re probably not looking at something larger than Wagoneer – it’s a beast!”

But about the proliferation of new Jeep models, Allen said, “There’s been tremendous growth to the brand in a short amount of time.” That is true, but the auto industry is going through a tremendous change as EV production ramps up. It is expected that all Jeeps will be electric at some point soon in the future.

The CMP EV platform could underpin a baby Renegade

An Electric Jeep teaser that could be the Renegade 4xe
Electric Jeep teaser | Stellantis

Stellantis’ current EV platform is called CMP. It underpins models like the Peugeot e-208, e-2008, and Vauxhall Corsa e. This could be used as the platform for an electric baby Jeep, but it is doubtful it could accommodate four-wheel drive. 

In the immediate future, Stellantis will debut its STLA small EV platform, though speculation is that it won’t come out until 2025. This platform is more adaptable to four-wheel-drive. It has an estimated range of 300 miles. 

Going into this segment is a first for Jeep

2021 Jeep Gladiator vs. Chevrolet Colorado
2021 Jeep Gladiator vs. Chevrolet Colorado | Jeep

Why is the Suzuki Jimny Banned in the U.S?

Creating a new range of Jeep targeted below the Renegade is a first for Jeep. There is an unexpected enthusiast interest in the Jimny. A version of it was marketed by Suzuki in the US a couple of decades ago. Back then small vehicles were not popular, and that includes baby SUVs.

But in these times of electrification and squeezing through off-road paths with something smaller, it makes more sense. And Jeep has even hinted that it is experimenting with hydrogen power. So the future of Jeep may look relatively different by the mid-point in this decade.