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New vehicle launches are a recurring problem for Ford Motor Company. From the Explorer to Bronco and Mustang Mach-E, it has been a struggle getting those assembly lines up and running smoothly. Now, we can add the 2024 Ranger midsize truck to that list. 

Set to begin deliveries right now, Ford is having problems to the extent we’re not going to be able to see any for a while. The company already held back the beginning of production, which would begin on August 7, until August 21. Then, it got pushed back again to August 28. 

Is the UAW strike hanging up Ranger deliveries?

Silver 2024 Ford Ranger midsize pickup on sand
2024 Ford Ranger midsize pickup | Ford

In all, Ford was only able to crank out 259 Rangers for those last few days in August. Those holding reservation orders must now be patient while the Dearborn automaker tries to catch up. And that is getting harder by the day, unfortunately. It ended up getting in a total of two weeks of production before the looming UAW strike knocked out the Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne, Michigan. 

Whatever progress Ford made after its initial delay has gone out the window. Or rather, out onto the sidewalks picketing. But there are still more problems hovering over the all-new Ranger besides the strike that spell out even more delays. 

Does building the Bronco with the Ranger pose problems?

2024 Ford Ranger midsize pickup dash and screen
2024 Ford Ranger midsize pickup | Ford

It is pushing back customer build dates because of supply chain issues. No, you haven’t gone back in the Wayback machine to 2021. And in some cases, order holders haven’t been given any dates at all after the order banks first became open on May 26. In July, it was only able to eke out 151 Rangers, according to Ford Authority

Compounding production efforts is the 2024 Bronco, which is built on the same line as the Ranger. If you remember, the 2023 Bronco production came to a crawl while Ford was configuring the assembly lines to accept the 2024 Rangers. Depending on which components the company is having trouble getting, it becomes an intricate dance for which Bronco and Ranger order to start filling.

2024 Ford Ranger midsize pickup with mountain background
2024 Ford Ranger midsize pickup | Ford

The Most Popular 2024 Ford Ranger Trim Covers All the Basics

So right now, there is no way to tell how the Blue Oval will sort out the question marks that are component shortages and the UAW strike. And as we see playing out with other automakers struggling to obtain batteries and certain components, there is little word as to when orders will happen.

The order banks do tell us something about what 2024 Ranger buyers want. Apparently, over 80% are going with four-wheel drive. About 70% want tow hitches, and 20% are going with the FX4 Off-Road Package. And the most popular colors? They’re Shelter Green Metallic and Shadow Black. 

So, the best thing for everyone that are part of the 2024 Ranger in any way is for the strike to end sooner rather than later. And while production is shut down, suppliers can catch up so that when the strike ends, production can ramp up smoothly and quickly.