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The spring season is right around the corner, and many people are planning their vacations. People who are fond of RVs and have some extra cash on hand might be tempted to buy one. However, renting an RV can be a much better decision for many people. Sure, there are advantages to people owning RVs, but this also comes with a few extra duties and expenses.

Here’s why renting an RV can make more sense than buying.

Renting an RV is typically cheaper

Deciding whether it’s best to rent or buy an RV is a pretty big decision. However, most people will find that it’s cheaper to rent than it is to buy. This is especially the case for people who rarely need an RV. However, people who find themselves hitting the road more frequently may think differently, as rental costs for RVs can quickly add up.

Owning an RV can be costly
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Of course, the biggest factor is the upfront cost associated with either renting or buying an RV. According to Bank Rate, you can rent an RV for as little as $200 per night. Of course, the price changes based on the class of RV you need. Additionally, those who only need a small camper can expect to pay even less.

However, those who decide to buy an RV have a much larger upfront cost. This price can balloon to well over $100,000. It’s probably not worth it to fork over that much money for an RV if you only use it once or twice a year. People should also know that renting allows for flexibility as you may not always need the same size RV.

There are other costs associated with buying an RV

Owning an RV also comes with other costs besides the purchase price. For example, people who own this type of vehicle will need a place to store it. This often means building or buying a structure large enough to house it. Of course, the price can vary, but this typically won’t be cheap. However, some locations specialize in storing RVs, which also comes at a cost.

Just as with cars, RVs need routine maintenance. This isn’t something people who rent RVs will need to worry about. However, it can be rather costly, and things can always break on the RV. Given the size of these vehicles, most repairs won’t be cheap. Of course, you can’t forget that you’ll need to insure your RV if you own it. However, you can get a temporary policy when renting.

Taking an RV on a trip for a few days can be a great way to explore and enjoy the spring or summer weather. However, owning an RV isn’t for everyone. Renting isn’t only cheaper, but it offers a great deal of flexibility.