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For decades, Ford and Chevrolet have dominated the truck market. Ram has always struggled against the popularity of these two brands, but as recent survey results suggest, farmers love Ram trucks. So what is it about Ram’s trucks that farmers can’t get enough of? Is Ram on course to become the most popular truck in America?

The big percentage of farmers own Ram trucks

In 2015, Farm Journal Media surveyed over 2,300 farmers to find out which ones owned a truck and which truck they owned. Unsurprisingly, over 95% of surveyed farmers said they owned a truck. And most of these farmers owned Ford and Chevrolet trucks.

However, it seems like the Ram truck brand hasn’t received the credit it deserves, as an impressive amount of farmers reported owning at least one Ram truck. Nearly 19% of farmers reported owning a Ram truck, making the brand the third most popular for farmers.

With Ram experiencing impressive growth since then, we suspect more Ram trucks are in the hands of farmers than ever before. Here are a few other interesting insights from the survey:

  • 99% of farmers reported purchasing their truck over leasing it
  • 81% claimed to be “brand loyal”
  • The top three factors in choosing a truck include being American-made, offering services via a dealer, and having a good manufacturer’s warranty

Why farmers pick Ram trucks

Farmers prove to be brand-loyal, but it’s important to choose a brand that’s loyal back. Ram has a department dedicated to the farming lifestyle. According to the automaker’s agriculture website, the brand even has Ram Agriculture Experts continuously training with real-life farmers to help better serve them.

Farmers can take advantage of special offers, incentives, and rebates that are continuously offered on Ram trucks. The brand has also partnered with a variety of organizations that better assist the needs of farmers.

Even today, Ram is honoring its tradition of supporting farmers in many ways. For more than six decades, the automaker has supported Future Farmers of America (FFA), typically presenting at the annual FFA convention, with this year being no exception.

According to The News Wheel, Ram uses its annual “Ram Ag Season” to showcase the lives of real farmers. The truck brand also sponsors events that focus on supporting farmers, like the Sunbelt Ag Expo in Indiana and the Farm Progress Show in Illinois.

How Ram competes today

The Ram brand is stronger than ever. In fact, in early 2019, Ram surpassed its third-place spot and became the No. 2 best-selling truck behind the Ford F-Series. The war for second place has continued throughout the year, but Ram has maintained its position through the third quarter of 2019.

It seems Ram may lure sales away with its impressive trucks. According to the Detroit Free Press, Ram truck sales were up an astounding 14% from the second to third quarter, while Ford’s sales dropped. It seems like not just farmers love Ram trucks.