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Since Ram became its own separate brand from the Dodge name, it’s been slowly redesigning its pickup trucks. With those redesigns, however, Ram has been climbing the ladder to becoming one of the most popular truck brands in America. With chart-topping truck sales and impressive ratings, Ram may quickly surpass its competition as America’s favorite truck brand. 

America’s new favorite truck brand: Ram’s climb to the top

The Ram brand knew that if it was going to redesign its 2019 truck, it would have to be done right. And with an owner satisfaction score of five out of five and an impressive road test score of 83 out of 100 by Consumer Reports, it seems Ram did the job.

It’s also Consumer Reports’ number-two pick for best full-size pickup trucks. Not only is the redesigned 2019 Ram an impressive truck, but it’s seemed to restore consumer confidence in the brand as well. 

But even the biggest Ram truck lovers were surprised when first-quarter sales results for 2019 came in and it was Ram that sat comfortably in the second-best spot. According to MotorTrend, Ram didn’t just sell the second-most trucks in the first quarter of the year.  First-quarter sales saw a 15% increase in truck sales for Ram from the quarter prior, for a total of 120,026 truck sales.

Second-quarter brought about the same results, though Chevrolet began to close the gap a bit more. In fact, Ram saw a 28% increase in truck sales over the same quarter of the previous year, according to Motor 1. According to the most recent numbers, the third quarter of 2019 is proving to be a good one for Ram as well.

As seen on Good Car Bad Car, more than 160,000 Ram pickups were sold in 2019’s third quarter, an almost 14% increase over the same quarter last year. This puts Ram in the second-best-selling spot again.

The truck brands that stand as Ram’s biggest competition

For many years, Ford F-Series trucks have mostly stood at the top as the best-selling American trucks, with Chevrolet coming in at a close second. Ram trucks have traditionally struggled to maintain its position at the third spot, simply falling behind in popularity when compared to the iconic names of Ford and Chevrolet.

Just by the year’s first-quarter numbers, it’s easy to see that Ford hasn’t lost its spot at the top. Ram’s truck sales came nowhere near the extraordinary 214,000 F-Series sales by Ford. But Sales from competitor Chevrolet decreased in abundance for the first quarter of the year, proving Ram is disrupting the segment.

But by the third quarter of the year, Ford is down 6% in sales over last year, while Chevrolet’s Silverado is up almost 17%. Adding together sales from both GMC and Chevrolet, the General Motors brand managed to unseat Ford during the third quarter. While the three top brands compete for that coveted title of best-selling, it’s clear that the gap between the companies is closing.

Where the future will take Ram?

While competitors like Ford and Chevrolet continue to focus on creating variety in its powertrain and fuel economy options, Ram seems focused on simply producing trucks that consumers can’t stay away from.

According to Motor 1, the future of Ram seems promising. The brand plans on releasing a new, mid-size pickup come 2022, offering more off-road capabilities and practicality than ever before.

Then there’s the new, soon-to-come Ram Rebel pickup, which is said to compete directly with the Ford F-150 Raptor when it comes to off-road capability. Rumor has it, the Rebel will come with an impressive 707-hp engine that will catapult it into the off-roading game.

From the looks of the future of Ram, it’s obvious that the brand is here to compete for that top spot in the truck segment, on every level.


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