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We aren’t missing out by not getting the Ram Rampage in America because we might be getting something even better. The Ram Rampage could be setting the stage for the more powerful Ram Dakota. Check out how the Ram Dakota builds upon the new unibody compact truck. 

The Ram Dakota is in, and the Ram Rampage is out 

The Ram Rampage in front of the America flag
Ram Rampage teaser | Stellantis

We can confirm that the 2024 Ram Rampage is happening, but a few clues suggest that the new Ram Dakota is still on the fence. That’s because the Rampage will beat it to market by debuting in South America soon. 

However, the Rampage has been spotted being tested in America, and we’ve got a hot take about it. Instead of getting the Rampage in America, Stellantis could be using it to base the Dakota on. 

Ram CEO, Mike Koval, shared a new truck idea with dealerships back in March, and they went nuts for it. But the Rampage should have already been common knowledge by that point, even if it was hidden from the public. 

Instead, he may have presented the Dakota, which would go beyond a simple rebadging job. While the Rampage is attractive and desirable, it doesn’t measure up to the higher standards of drivers in the United States. 

To compete against the Ford Maverick, it would need to have an affordable hybrid powertrain, and current rumors suggest that the Rampage will have gas and turbo diesel engines. But the trucks could share a few other components. 

What to Expect with the Dakota 

The Ram Dakota could return as a midsize or a compact truck. The Ram Rampage rides on the small wide-body platform that underpins the Jeep Renegade and Dodge Hornet. It might not support a midsize truck. 

However, it does support hybrid and electric powertrains. It could be fitted with the plug-in hybrid powertrain that generates 285 hp and 347 lb-ft of torque. Also, the 2.0-linter Hurricane4 engine provides 268 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque. 

According to Car Scoops, Ram has been working on a midsize electric truck for America, and getting a hybrid or plug-in hybrid variant would be a logical first step. It could help people transition from traditional internal combustion engines. 

While a new truck could compete against the Jeep Renegade, each brand is separate. Plus, the Gladiator is rugged, tough, and for off-roading. The Dakota could be more comfortable and athletic to appeal to different needs. 

Will the new Dakota be too expensive? 

The Ram Rampage with an American flag decal
Ram Rampage teaser | Stellantis

Pricing for the Ram Dakota and Ram Rampage remains a mystery for now. But if the Dakota is a midsize truck, then it will be a little more expensive than a compact Ford Maverick rival. Also, the Rampage is being built in Brazil. 

Would building a truck in the Mexican plant where the Jeep Compass is manufactured make things cheaper? Stellantis could also use the plant in Belvidere, Illinois. It has been empty since the last Jeep Cherokee from the previous generation rolled off the line. 

We aren’t sure how much remodeling would have to happen to get that plant back in action, but it’s a valuable resource that’s just sitting pretty at the moment! 

Models that are assumed to be the Ram Rampage have been spotted in America. The trucks are heavily covered in camouflage and may have styling differences. Plus, a recent teaser of the Ram Rampage displays an American flag on the taillight. 

So, something new is coming to America. If it’s the Ram Ramage, it might have a different name, like the Ram Dakota. It will have different engine options and could vary in size. Stay tuned for updates, as the new truck is expected to debut in America by the end of the year.