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Ram trucks have a history of providing satisfying powertrains, good towing capacities, and some of the best interiors you’ll find in the segment. Higher trims offer plenty of safety features to protect you during an accident, and the Ram 1500 also usually gets promising scores in crash tests. But what about the lowest insurance costs?

Still, keeping passengers safe is just one part of managing the aftermath of a collision. You also want to be sure to have a good insurance policy to repair or replace your vehicle if needed. Are Ram trucks cheaper to insure compared to other cars?

What factors determine the cost of auto insurance?

A row of Ram trucks where people could be looking for the lowest insurance cost with a recent accidentAccident
Ram trucks | Daniel Acker via Getty Images

Auto insurance rates vary by state for several reasons. For example, Florida drivers pay more for insurance because they and their cars experience more severe weather events. Car insurance premiums are also higher in places where you have to worry about ice and snow on the roads.

Each state also has its own annual mileage average, usually somewhere between 10,000 to 15,000 miles. If you take more frequent trips, your car insurance rates will be higher.

Your car insurance premiums are usually costly if you’ve only recently acquired a driver’s license, especially if you’re a teenager. Without much experience, insurance providers will consider you a greater liability. Similarly, an older car is cheaper to insure compared to the latest model.

High-value or exotic vehicles are more expensive to insure because they’re frequently targeted by auto thieves. Additionally, these cars are often packed with extra features that are more expensive to fix after an accident. 

Your driving behavior can have a significant impact on your auto insurance rates. Drivers who have never been in an accident or received traffic tickets will have the lowest insurance premiums. Credit score drops can also result in elevated car insurance premiums. 

How much will a recent accident increase your Ram insurance?

According to CarEdge, the average Ram truck costs $2,011 to insure each year. That’s assuming you’re in your 40s, have good credit, stay within the annual mileage average, and hold a clean driving record. Drivers in their 20s pay closer to $3,000 each year.

That’s relatively more expensive compared to rivaling pickups. For example, CarEdge says you’ll pay an average of $1,760 annually to insure a Ford F-150. No matter what truck you own, expect your premiums to rise after an accident.

A middle-aged Ram truck driver’s annual auto insurance premium rises to $2,952. If you’re 18 or younger, a recent accident could spike your yearly insurance total to $9,320. You’ll likely have to pay even more if you’re driving a heavy-duty truck.

Bad credit at a young age can raise your auto insurance costs to nearly $11,000 for a Ram truck. Auto insurance providers are usually more forgiving about poor credit for older drivers.

For example, getting a ding on your credit score in your 50s only raises your auto insurance by about $1,300. Additionally, once your credit score rises back to an acceptable range, your car insurance premiums also decrease well. 

What’s the lowest you’ll pay for Ram truck insurance?

Drivers in their 50s with clean driving records typically have the lowest yearly insurance premiums, an average of $1,794. Annual policies for Ram ProMaster vans are slightly less expensive at $1,720 on average.

If your insurance premiums are too high, CarEdge says you can lower them by getting on a multi-vehicle policy. You may also get discounted auto insurance if you enroll in home insurance or a similar time. 

Opening a new credit card is an easy way to increase your credit score, as long as you make your payments on time. Accidents are often out of your control, but most of them will drop off your record automatically within 3 to 5 years. 


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