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Ram will “repurchase” certain 2022 Ram 1500 pickups due to heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system issues not working correctly. Going through production records has been determined that 22 Ram 1500 pickups will need to be bought back by Stellantis for not complying with the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard number 103. This means that reduced airflow to defroster vents is not adequate to defog the windshield, which can lead to an accident.

Why is Ram not just fixing the pickup issue?

The 2022 Ram 1500 won the best pickup truck award from Car and Driver | Stellantis
Ram beat out the Ford F-150, GMC Sierra, and Chevy Silverado | Stellantis

For Ram to fix the issue, it decided that repurchasing the affected trucks would be the best solution. The voluntary recall will begin in early 2022. Those owners with affected trucks will be notified before the new year. 

They should also know that windshield fogging will be an issue under certain conditions, so try to avoid such circumstances. All other 2022 Ram 1500 trucks have a compatible HVAC and radio combination. If you are a 2022 Ram 1500 owner and are concerned, you can call Ram customer service at 800-853-1403. The recall number is Y88. 

Using your 17-digit VIN number, you can also plug into the Dodge Recall Information site. Other questions can be handled by the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration, at 888-327-4236. 

Ram pickups have a long list of recalls over the last decade

The 2022 Ram 1500 parked near trees
2022 Ram 1500 | Ram

This is another in a long line of Ram 1500 recalls over the past several years. There have been lawsuits, too. In 2021, there were three recalls, which included a recall in January for the brake pedal on 2021 Ram trucks becoming separated from the master cylinder. This was due to a retaining clip missing from some models. 

There was also one for malfunctions with the 2021 Ram trailer reverse steering module image not appearing on the screen. Another recall was issued in September for the 2021 Ram over the incorrect spare tire being supplied. But 2020 saw many more Ram 1500 recalls.

Among the issues was side airbag curtains, which took in many model years, and also Ram heavy-duty trucks. There was also a recall over the side mirror glass, and one for floor mats getting in the way of accelerator pedals. Windshield wiper arm malfunctions were another. And there were two recalls related to airbags. 

Recalls among all brands continue to rise

2022 Ram 2500 HD parked in gravel
2022 Ram 2500 HD | Ram

Ram Just Recalled a Single Pickup Truck

As recalls across all brands keep rising, consumers are concerned about the safety and quality of cars and trucks. Tens of millions of vehicles get recalled each year. Almost 800 recall campaigns resulted in over 30 million vehicles recalled in 2020.

That was down from the previous year when almost 900 recalls involved almost 40 million vehicles. From 647 recall campaigns in 2010, there were over 20 million vehicles recalled. Some of this is due to outside suppliers making components for a variety of nameplates and companies. 

The most egregious example is the Takata airbag scandal, where over a hundred million vehicles worldwide had to have their airbags replaced. Takata has since been dissolved. Its assets and, yes, lawsuits, are the responsibility of the new company.