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If there’s one thing you might know about the Ford Bronco, it’s probably its troublesome roof. Recalls, letting snow inside, and other issues have plagued the model’s removable ceiling since entering the market. Most prominently, hardtop roofs were unavailable for so long many people who didn’t want soft tops bought one to get a Bronco. Now, finally, Ford Bronco aftermarket hardtops have arrived.

How much is a Ford Bronco aftermarket hardtop roof?

Desert Sand 2022 Ford Bronco Everglades with the sunset in the background
Desert Sand 2022 Ford Bronco Everglades | Ford

Since the Ford Bronco is such a hit with customers all over America, they’re challenging to find. With such a massive lack of inventory the last few years, it’s no wonder people were desperate to get their hands on this Wrangler competitor. Even if they preordered a hardtop model, it might’ve never arrived. Those people’s problems are solved now that an aftermarket hardtop solution is available.

According to Auto Evolution, first announced back in January, Advanced Fiberglass Concepts (AFC) made the aftermarket Bronco hardtop roof. Moreover, the announcement came right when people had roof problems, so it was perfect timing. AFC has officially moved to the preorder phase of its selling process. Prices start at $5,250 for the basic one-piece design, and a modular version is available for an extra $500. Those who bought an unwanted soft top Ford Bronco, you’re roughly a mere $5,000 away from getting the SUV you originally wanted.

When is the Ford Bronco hardtop roof release date?

Ford Bronco aftermarket hardtop roof from AFC, use it to replace your soft top option.
Ford Bronco Aftermarket Hardtop Roof | Advanced Fiberglass Concepts

Keep in mind that the currently available purchase is only a preorder. That means it won’t ship out to your location next week. Instead, customers will have to wait a while for production to complete. Delivery estimates show that the cheaper version of AFC’s product will arrive in August. In addition, the modular roof will start shipping to customers about a month later. In conclusion, if you order now, you’re going to have to wait around six months before receiving the aftermarket roof.

Although the roofs aren’t cheap, they’re the perfect alternative for those who already got an unwanted soft top. In the current automotive market, customers need to take whatever they can get, especially when it comes to this SUV. Unfortunately, the new Ford Bronco hit the market right as the global chip shortage began, so they’ve always been challenging to find. Now, you’ll pay thousands over MSRP for one, even from a dealer.

What roof does a Ford Bronco come with?


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Which versions of the illusive SUV come with a soft vs. hard top roof? According to Ford, customers cannot order two-door versions of the Ford Bronco with a soft top. However, accessory soft-top roofs are available for the two- and four-door Bronco through Ford dealers. The automaker said that it prioritized the most common buildable options at launch. Moreover, it made two-door models hardtop only. However, the Blue Oval encourages customer feedback, as it is always considering different options for the future.

If you choose to buy a four-door soft top, you’ll get a hardtop prep kit. The kit includes the proper connections for the rear windshield wiper and rear defroster, plus the controls needed for those features. Ordering a soft-top model with a hardtop prep kit will result in receiving your Bronco sooner than attempting to order a factory hardtop Bronco. Of course, now that there’s an aftermarket option from AFC, you don’t need to worry about buying from Ford.

Which Ford Bronco should you buy?

In conclusion, customers should buy whichever Ford Bronco they can get their hands on. The model is too rare and valuable to pass up regardless of roof type. In addition, the cheapest model will be a soft top, so buying one is the perfect selection for an aftermarket roof. That’s the new Ford Bronco aftermarket hard top roof and its price, release date, and more.