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We have chronicled the many woes of Ford’s efforts to build a non-leaking top without flaws for the Bronco. It has not gone well. Now, an aftermarket company will begin making a fiberglass Bronco top, actually, two different versions, that don’t leak. Will wonders never cease? 

What have been the Bronco top issues?

A blue 2022 Ford Bronco shot from the front 3/4 at Colorado's Red Rocks
2022 Ford Bronco | MotorBiscuit

Costa Mesa, California’s Advanced Fiberglass Concepts has stepped up to develop two tops for the Bronco four-door. Ford’s top supplier Webasto, just can’t seem to figure out the top thing. Discoloration, delamination, rubbing on the roll bar, peeling headliner; has anything gone right with Bronco’s top issues? Now, even issues with the soft top are being reported.

Instead, the aftermarket has come to the rescue with two new tops. One is a two-piece hardtop, and the other is a one-piece affair. Both will have a slanted rear window. AFC says that each one weighs the same as the factory hardtop. They’re compatible with Ford’s hardtop prep kit and include the side and rear glass windows. If you didn’t order a top prep kit, AFC is working on supplying their own. 

The fiberglass roofs also are compatible with the factory roof rack, as well as the plug-and-play windshield wipers, defroster, and rear window washer fluid. They also come with both the hinges and struts for the rear window. If you want sound deadening, AFC can supply that too at an extra cost. 

These new Bronco hardtops come three ways

AFC Bronco hardtop
AFC Bronco aftermarket hardtop | AFC

The company chose to go with fewer pieces making up the top. It says that “ours will provide a quieter ride, lower chance of leaking, and overall better fit and finish.” Right now, a white or black textured finish is how they’ll come. Or you can opt for one in primer and get it painted to match. We’ve also heard rumors that a molded-in-color top option could be in the works.

As for the two-door Bronco, AFC says that probably won’t happen per an Instagram post. “We are focusing 100 percent on four-door Broncos at this time. We don’t plan on developing a two-door top. But that could change if we get enough interest.” 

The computer workups show what appears to be a factory hardtop, without the leaks and other issues. There should be more news on exactly when the tops will be available on January 24. Right now there is no word on pricing for the tops or options, but we also expect that next week. 

Ford is replacing all factory hardtops-at some point

AFC Bronco hardtop
AFC Bronco aftermarket hardtop | AFC

Ford has taken the top issue to heart, offering to replace every Bronco top that has been shipped, leaking or not. And recently, there have been issues reported about the soft top leaking as well. Ford says that if you are experiencing issues with the soft top, take it to the dealer, as it should be covered under warranty. 

But for those who purchased a soft top but really wanted the hardtop, or those wanting to replace their problem-plagued hardtop now, there will soon be an alternative from having to use the Webasto item.  


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