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For the second time in a short period, a Ford Bronco owner found their SUV filled with snow. Does Ford have another issue with the rooftops of their most hyped model? Recently, a Bronco owner in Canada found their SUV filled with snow after sitting outside during a blizzard. A second person experienced the same thing, but some people don’t believe either owner. Is this a case of bad Bronco soft-top roofs or just a few people who forgot to put their windows up? Why did another Ford Bronco get filled with snow?

Ford Bronco SUVs keep getting filled with snow

According to Motor1, the first person with a snowy Bronco swore their soft top was securely in place, and the windows were up. However, no one believes anything on the internet, and the amount of snow inside is hard to blame on a leaky roof. Now, a second person is experiencing the same problem. The same publication stated that this one sat outside during a blizzard with 60 mph winds. A user on shared two videos of the inside of a 2021 Ford Bronco Big Bend with snow coming inside.

These videos occur while the snow is coming in, not after, so it’s easy to see how it got there. The driver-side rear seat has a light coating of snow, but even more is present above it around one of the hinges. Next, a light dusting covers the headliner while the heavier concentration is toward the vehicle’s rear. The user shows close-ups of everything and confirms that all latches are tightly secured, and windows are up.

What could cause the problem?

The 2021 Ford Bronco Wildtrak in the snow
2021 Ford Bronco Wildtrak | Allison, MotorBiscuit

The first solution on everyone’s mind is that the roof of the Bronco is bad since it had that issue before. Hardtop roof recalls happened relatively quickly after the SUV’s initial release not so long ago. Bronco6g forum members also made a few suggestions for a temporary fix, which stopped snow from entering the Bronco. Towels were stuffed around the rollbar where the top rests, and repositioning the SUV itself stopped snow from entering. Some people suggested alignment issues could be to blame. Lastly, mid-point latches at the B-pillar could’ve been responsible, as owners reported them being “finicky.”

On the other hand, another forum user claimed to have left their Bronco outside in similar weather with no issues. Why is there such a disparity in snow entering Broncos for some and not for others? The likely answer is that the problem lies with alignment or just simply a dud of a part. While specific Bronco owners may have gotten a faulty part and others didn’t, they’ll need to live in a cold climate experiencing blizzards to find out. When Motor1 asked the automaker about the issue, Ford was adamant about it being a user error.

“We’ve only seen something like this when the roof has been left open or unlatched. The customer should flag this concern with their dealer to inspect what might have happened in these photos. If there’s an issue, it would be covered under warranty. However, until an inspection is completed, this is all speculation.”

Will your Ford Bronco get filled with snow?

More Broncos will be tested with massive parts of the US and Canada experiencing extreme winter weather. While it is possible that these events occurred due to open windows or improperly-latched rooftops, there could be a more significant Bronco problem. Regardless of if it’s a user error or design issue, the more it snows, the more incidents we’ll see online. Maybe someone else will be able to capture the snow entering their Ford Bronco through the roof while it’s properly secured. Will that be enough to convince Ford that there’s an issue?


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