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Using a motorcycle is one of the most exciting ways to get around. Not only does being a motorcycle rider allow you to experience more of nature, but it delivers quite the thrill while also being a convenient mode of transportation. However, some people use a motorcycle as a daily driver instead of a traditional vehicle. As with most things, there are several pros and cons to this even with the best motorcycles.

Pros of being a daily motorcycle rider

There are many upsides to using a motorcycle as a daily driver instead of a car. For one, being a motorcycle rider is cheaper than using a traditional vehicle. Fuel is one of the biggest ways this is true, as motorcycles both cost less to fill up and are much more efficient than a car or SUV. According to Ride Now, on average, motorcycle riders spend about $300 per year on fuel.

Daily driving even the best motorcycles can be challenging
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However, on average, people spend between $150 and $200 per month on gas for their cars. Of course, this will vary based on the size of the vehicle. Naturally, fuel costs aren’t the only area where a motorcycle rider would save money. This is also the case for maintenance, as motorcycles don’t take as much work to keep on the road.

People who use a motorcycle as their primary vehicle may also find that parking is better. This is partly the case because it’s easier to park a bike than it is a car or SUV. Additionally, many places have designated spots for motorcycles, which means that even when parking for cars is sparse, there’s a spot for your bike.

Cons of using a motorcycle as your primary vehicle

Of course, there are many advantages to being a full-time motorcycle rider instead of using a traditional vehicle. One of the biggest is that riding a motorcycle is objectively more dangerous than using a car. This is even the case for more experienced riders, as it’s often difficult for people in vehicles to see motorcycle riders on the road. This lack of visibility means that motorcycle riders have to be extra careful on the road.

Weather can be another problem for motorcyclists. Of course, rain and wind are two of the biggest concerns, but then there’s also snow and ice. Motorcycles aren’t known for traction, which means the latter two conditions make riding next to impossible. Weather also poses another problem for older bikes that may have trouble starting in cold weather.

One thing people who don’t have a ton of experience riding may not consider is fatigue. While hitting the open road is exciting for a motorcycle rider, it’s also more physically demanding than driving a car. Even the best motorcycles for your size have this problem. This means you’re more likely to get tired during long journeys, which could also be a safety concern.

Additionally, it’s harder to carry things such as groceries. Sure, some motorcycles have storage options, but many people resort to backpacks to carry things, which can be limiting. Still, using a motorcycle as a daily driver is doable and has many advantages.