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Blue 2021 TLX A-Spec

The Most Fuel-Efficient Acura Sedans

When shopping for a luxury sedan, there are many features to pay close attention to. For example, you may need to decide whether or not you want navigation and the premium sound system, or maybe even the head-up display. Interior and exterior colors are important, too, but if you’re going to use the car for …
2019 Chevrolet Colorado Z71 Trail Runner

The Most Fuel-Efficient Trucks

Aside from SUVs, trucks are among the most popular vehicles among American car buyers. And while most truck buyers will pay the most attention to facts and figures like a truck’s tow rating, payload capacity, and other handy features, one feature that might be overlooked is fuel economy. After all, why would you care about …
Unleaded gasoline

What Is Considered ‘Good Gas Mileage?’

A vehicle’s gas mileage is arguable the most important figure to look at when it comes to measuring how efficient any vehicle is. For example, if a car gets “good gas mileage,” then it has a fuel-efficient engine, but if it gets “bad gas mileage,” then its engine is not very sufficient. There’s more to …