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With the introduction of the Ford Maverick and Hyundai Santa Cruz for the 2022 model year, consumers got a taste of what the future of small, compact trucks could be; affordable, easy to drive, stylish, and fuel-efficient.

With the sales numbers of these two compact trucks being released to the public, we can finally see which of these two companies did a better job of advertising these exciting new trucks to the public. Here is everything you need to know about how much the sales of the Maverick and Santa Cruz differed for 2022 and why.

A closeup on the grille and headlights of a red 2022 Ford Maverick Lariat compact pickup truck model
2022 Ford Maverick Lariat | The Ford Motor Company

Ford Maverick vs. Hyundai Santa Cruz popularity

When it comes to sales for the 2022 model year, the Ford Maverick sold 74,370 units and the Hyundai Santa Cruz sold 36,480 units according to The Drive. These impressive numbers are bolstered even more when sales numbers were released for the Ford Ranger, which is the Ford Maverick’s long-running, in-house competition in the midsize truck market.

For 2022, the Ford Ranger only sold around 57,005 units, meaning that the Maverick swept the competition in its class, and outsold trucks well above its punching weight.

The Santa Cruz’s 36,480 units sold for 2022 may seem like a disappointment when compared head to head with the Maverick, but this is the first truck offered by Hyundai in the United States, a country that is very brand loyal when it comes to trucks.

It was also one of the first compact trucks of its kind, being front-wheel drive and crossover SUV-based, just like the Ford Maverick.

How Ford found a way to outsell the competition

Even though the Ford Maverick was able to sell over twice the amount of units that the Hyundai Santa Cruz did for 2022, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the Maverick is two times better than the Santa Cruz in performance and features.

Both of these compact pickup trucks are being sold to vastly different consumers. While the Hyundai Santa Cruz is marketed more as a lifestyle vehicle; simply a capable crossover with a truck bed, the Ford Maverick has always been marketed toward truck buyers.

On dealer lots, every Maverick window sticker has Ford truck branding. If you are looking to purchase a Maverick, towing capacity, and payload capacity is clear and easy to see. Even though this truck is built on the bones of a crossover SUV, Ford treats this truck just like any other truck in its lineup.

In fact, Ford went a step further by advertising to one group of drivers that is often left out of the pickup truck conversation; city dwellers.

Appealing to different kinds of people

When it comes to advertising these two compact trucks, most of the advertising surrounding the Hyundai Santa Cruz shows drivers going to the beach or enjoying the outdoors. Meanwhile, Ford Maverick commercials show city-dwelling young people driving their Mavericks through tight urban areas.

Simply put, Ford knows that Americans love pickup trucks, and more often than not, people who live in cities are left out of that pickup truck demographic. Ford made the pickup truck more accessible for everybody with excellent fuel economy, a cheap price tag, and all the capability that most Americans need out of a truck. It’s no wonder why this truck has sold so well with no signs of stopping. 


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