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It’s hard to imagine a better car for Post Malone than a Bugatti Chiron. The larger-than-life yet loveable and wholesome hip-hop star is undoubtedly every bit as recognizable as one of these iconic hypercars. Maybe even more so, in fact. However, it seems Posty is thinning the herd when it comes to his collection of exotic cars. Now on the chopping block is his gorgeous white Bugatti Chiron.

How much is Post Malone’s Bugatti?

Malone’s stunning white 2019 Bugatti Chiron is currently listed for sale on DuPont Registry. As one might expect, the old adage rings true with this sale. If you have to ask, you can’t afford it. Unfortunately, the only way to get the price for this particular vehicle is by asking, given that DuPont Registry has it listed with the dreaded “call for price” tagline. 

What isn’t kept secret, though, is the absolutely bonkers amount of money this Bugatti has in impressively expensive options. Of course, all of these prices sit atop the Bugatti Chiron’s $3 million price tag.  

Starting with the low end, this Chiron has black brake calipers, which cost a “modest” $6,400. In comparison, though, the brake calipers look quite affordable when you consider the aluminum center console inlay, a $10,900 option. If that sounds like an insane price for something so mundane, well, you’d best be sitting down. 

Malone’s Chiron also has the Comfort Seats option, which costs a cool $32,000. Furthermore, the optional silver mesh front and rear grille set add $38,200 to the already eye-watering price. Finally, Malone also opted for the gorgeous chrome Caractere Wheels, an option that adds $64,000. To keep that in perspective, that’s enough money to buy a brand new Audi S5 or BMW M440i

All said and done, this Bugatti carries an unprecedented total of over $151,000 on options alone.

The chance to buy a Bugatti Chiron is rare

white Bugatti Chiron release with black grille and accents, front three-quarter shot
Bugatti Chiron | Daniel Pier/NurPhoto via Getty Images

The Bugatti Chiron is an amazing piece of engineering and automotive history. It features a quad-turbocharged sixteen-cylinder engine that makes a ferocious total of 1,479 horsepower and 1,180 pound-feet of torque. From the factory, the Bugatti Chiron blasts from zero to 60 miles per hour in just 2.5 seconds. From there, it’ll continue pinning occupants into the seat until it reaches its electronically limited top speed of 261 miles per hour.

Not only is it a remarkably fast vehicle, but it’s also a remarkably rare vehicle. Bugatti only ever intended to build 500 Chiron examples. Unfortunately, all 500 of them have been claimed, so the chance to buy a brand new Chiron has come and gone. Now, the used market is all there is.

While it’s hard to value something like this in the first place, it gets even more difficult when nearly every example listed for sale requires an inquiry from an interested buyer to get the price. However, James Edition lists a few examples of Chirons for sale in Dubai, ranging from $3.5 million to $4 million. Post Malone’s Bugatti will likely fall into that price bracket.

A once in a lifetime opportunity to own a rare car with a celebrity owner

Bugatti Chiron in White on display during the second press day of the Paris Motor Show
Bugatti Chiron | Chesnot/Getty Images

To be fair, most people in this world can’t afford this car and likely never will be able to. However, it is still a pretty awesome thing to get to see. A celebrity-owned custom-spec vehicle with decades and engineering and millions of dollars in research and development is sure to go down in the automotive history books.

If you do by chance have the means, though, we’d highly recommend picking this Bugatti up! If you ask very nicely, maybe they’ll even let you meet Post Malone himself.


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