Porsche Has Exposed Unseen Concepts Hidden For Years In The Vaults

Finished and running concepts are quick to see the light of day to allow design studios to strut their stuff. It is also used to gauge public reaction to help guide future production styling and design. Porsche hasn’t seen fit to show its past concepts until now. Called “Porsche Unseen” the project is to release some of these designs that no longer have relevance to production development. Many of these now exposed for the first time concepts have been hidden for years in Porsche’s vaults. 

We think some of this has to do with Porsche seeing the writing on the wall. As the electric highway seems to be the future of automobile manufacturing these concepts no longer hold secrets. Any past exploration of internal combustion engine development programs no longer matters. But as development and styling what-ifs, they pose a fascinating look into what Porsche has been toying with for years.

All images courtesy of Porsche

Porsche 911 Vision Safari

Developed in 2012 this was a reinterpretation of 1970s 911 rally cars. The raised suspension and Martini Racing graphics really nail where Porsche was going with this concept.

Porsche Vision Spyder

Loosely based on the 550 Spyders from the 1950s this modern interpretation was a design study from just last year. One of Spyder’s functions was to work out a new type of roll bar.

Porsche Vision Renndienst

Maybe the least expected vehicle for Porsche to be developing is this electric van from 2018. It’s a six-seat EV that has slightly stubby proportions. But as a high-end delivery van, it would most assuredly be a popular livery.

Porsche 919 Street

Porsche was toying with producing a street version of its successful 919 race car. It won LeMans in 2015, 2017, and 2018. The idea only got as far as this clay model and was never taken to hard model consideration.

Porsche Le Mans Living Legend

Somewhat of a cross between the 911 and Cayman is the “Living Legend” concept from 2016. It featured a mid-engine V8 and was loosely influenced by the 550 Porsche coupe.

Porsche Macan Vision Safari

Porsche has explored a two-door version of its Macan SUV in this 2013 concept. It features aggressive black fender flares for off-road excursions. We would love to see some of Porsche’s SUVs made as two-doors for a more sporting presentation.

Porsche 904 Living Legend

The 904 was Porsche’s first dive into closed race cars in the late-1950s and early 1960s. This is a lightweight nod to the 904 but with a 1.2-liter Ducati V2. Yes, not V12 but V2. It is from 2013 and was obviously an exploration into an entry-level Porsche as the 914 was back in the 1970s.

Porsche Vision 920

A futuristic single-seat supercar based on the 919. This exploration is from 2019.

Porsche Vision 916


Porsche’s Electric Mission E Concept Will See Production by 2020

Inspired by the 916 prototype of the 1970s, this was an all-electric coupe with cab-forward-like proportions. We love these smaller, simpler Porsches the company is exploring.