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One of the best ways to find a good new car is by searching for the most popular options. For many years, the same old models have outsold the competition over and over again. While sales numbers haven’t changed much, there are a few different names in the top searches for the first month of 2023. MotorTrend reported the top-researched models users viewed in the publication’s buyer’s guide. As a result, the winners of the January 2023 popularity contest are the most researched new (and upcoming) cars.

3. 2023 Genesis GV70

Along with the Tesla Model Y and Ram Revolution, the Genesis GV70 is the most researched new car of January 2023, according to Motor Trend.
2023 Genesis GV70 | Genesis

The third-most researched new car of January 2023 was the Genesis GV70. As MotorTrend‘s SUV of the year award winner for 2022, it’s no surprise that readers were interested in learning more. Furthermore, the reviewer called the GV70 a “revelation” and claimed its all-around excellence is at the top of its class. First, the designers took some risks, which paid off. The unconventional design helps it stand out from rivals, covers the exterior in attractive curves and sleek lines, and offers a unique front.

Inside, the GV70 houses a 14.5-inch infotainment system and a luxurious knob controller on the center console. MT calls the interior “carefully crafted and spacious.” which is difficult to argue with. Furthermore, owners get a 300-horsepower turbocharged four-cylinder or a 375-hp turbo V6, either of which provides a smooth ride. For such a high-quality SUV, it’s even more impressive that starting price is low compared with other luxury compact models, just $43,150 for the base model.

That said, it’s no wonder many users researched it during the year’s opening month.

2. 2023 Tesla Model Y

Next, it’s no surprise that the all-electric crossover from Tesla is the next most-researched model of January 2023. Whether the publicity is good or bad, there’s always something in the news with Elon Musk’s autos brand. MT suggests the recent cutting of Tesla prices is likely the cause. Many models have received up to a 20 percent price cut, drawing in a lot of new interest. The MSRP for Model Y is down more than $10,000 for both variants. Even more important is that the cheaper Long Range model is down low enough to qualify for the $7,500 Federal EV tax credit.

As with most Tesla models, build quality is the biggest concern. The all-electric company makes excellent vehicles that tend to be poorly built. Overall, this means problems with door handles, panels falling off, plastic separation, etc. However, many owners love their Model Y, which boasts tons of cargo space, seven seats, and high-end battery capabilities. The space provided by the Model Y and its lower starting price than the larger Model X make it more popular.

1. 2024 Ram 1500 Revolution

A Ram 1500 Revolution that you need to know how you charge your Ram truck to drive.
Ram 1500 Revolution | Stellantis

Finally, the winner of the January 2023 popularity contest is the 2024 Ram 1500 Revolution. The most researched new car is one that is not available yet. Additionally, the Revolution is still only a concept but likely saw an uptick in searches because of its reveal at CES in January. Moreover, it’s slated to become the first full-size electric truck from Ram and has a few unique design ideas, the likes of which we’ve never seen. For example, a split-opening tailgate and pass-through midgate make a continuous 18-foot-long space from the frunk to the tailgate.

Next, the cabin features a three-row crew cab. The second row can slide forward, revealing two hideaway jump seats built into the midgate. Further, the concept truck uses a dual-motor powertrain and all-wheel drive. According to Ram, the Revolution can recharge at rates up to 350 kW, adding 100 miles of range in just 10 minutes.

Lastly, many futuristic features likely enticed researchers to find the new Ram pickup. For example, Level 3+ semi-autonomous driving, a 28-inch central touchscreen, an ambient glass-lit roof, a removable Bluetooth speaker, body built-in projectors, 3D-printed side mirrors, and Shadow Mode. Shadow Mode will make the Revolution automatically follow the driver while they walk ahead of it.

Most researched new cars of January 2023

In conclusion, the most researched new cars of January 2023 were the 2023 Genesis GV70, Tesla Model Y, and the 2024 Ram 1500 Revolution. Each model gained traction in the searches for various reasons during the month. MotorTrend’s reports indicate that buyers are interested in researching electric vehicles, but especially those the publication claims are award winners. After all, when one of the best full-size pickups is going completely electric, many consumers will want to know about it.