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A startup called Rivian launched the first electric pickup truck on the market last year. Ford followed with the F-150 Lightning soon after, and both Tesla and Chevrolet have revealed electric pickup prototypes. Ram watched and learned and in 2023 it revealed an electric concept truck that obviously draws inspiration from all of the above. Rivian’s original R1T made headlines when it dethroned the Ram 1500 TRX as the world’s fastest truck. The 2024 Ram 1500 Revolution may be more powerful than the Rivian, but it probably won’t be as fast.

How much power could the Ram Revolution make?

Ram has yet to release the horsepower numbers for its Revolution electric truck. But we know it will have a motor for each axle, and Stellantis’ most powerful electric motors make 442.5 horsepower each. So the top-trim Ram Revolution could make up to 885 horsepower.

Promo render of the back of the Ram 1500 Revolution electric pickup truck concept with a modern building in the background.
Ram 1500 Revolution concept | Stellantis

Ram revealed a concept version of its first electric pickup truck at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show. It has said it’s targeting a 2024 model year release of the production version, but has not revealed any performance specs for its first electric truck. We do know it was once targeting a 500-mile electric range thanks to solid-state battery technology it has in the works. But we know little about the truck’s power output.

My colleague Dan Mayfield did some digging and found Stellantis‘ technical brief on the electric chassis that its many brands will share going forward. He found the horsepower rating of its electric engines will range from 94 up to 442.5.

For a future Ram electric pickup truck to offer the full 885 horsepower, it will have to be built around two of Stellantis’ most powerful electric motors. It will also need an electrical system capable of drawing enough voltage from the battery that it can run both motors at full power.

Luckily Ram is seeking to outperform its 702-horsepower Hellcat-powered TRX with its first flagship electric truck. There’s a good chance it will offer at least one model with its strongest engines. In addition, it is developing an industry-leading 800-volt charging system for its new truck. This will likely translate into the ability to pull a lot of power out of the battery too.

We expect an 800+ horsepower “Banshee” trim of the 2024 Ram Revolution.

How fast is the Rivian R1T?

MotorTrend tested the Rivian R1T’s 0-60 time at 3.1 seconds. This makes it the world’s fastest truck–and faster than most sports cars. A combination of quad-motor torque vectoring and adjustable hydraulic dampers enable it to also corner like a sports sedan.

Promo photo of a row of Rivian R1T electric pickup trucks driving around a corner on a mountain road, hills visible in the background.
2022 Rivian R1T | Rivian

One secret to the Rivian R1T’s speed is its four electric motors. It can fully power all four motors at once, giving it 835 horsepower and 908 lb-ft of torque. What’s more, the truck senses wheelspin and puts more power to the wheel with the most traction, in real-time. This torque vectoring technology helps it a bit in the quarter mile but truly takes its cornering to the next level.

In addition, the Rivian R1T is a midsize pickup truck. At 7,000+ pounds t is much heavier than any other midsize–or the internal combustion Ram 1500–thanks to its lithium-ion battery pack. But this is common for the current generation of electric vehicles. With low-end torque and regenerative engine braking, they wear their weight well.

The Ram 1500 Revolution vs the Rivian R1T by the numbers

Closeup of the grille of Ram's 1500 Revolution electric truck prototype with its logo and headlight LEDs illuminated while driving under a bridge at night.
Ram 1500 Revolution concept | Stellantis

The Ram 1500 Revolution may advertise slightly more power than the Rivian R1T. But with one motor for each axle, it won’t be able respond to wheelspin in real time, or torque vector around corners.

Furthermore, if the Ram does go to market with a 500-mile range, it will probably have such a heavy battery pack that it will far outweigh the Rivian R1T. This will give it a much poorer power-to-weight ratio.

Even after the Ram 1500 Revolution launches, Rivian R1T will likely remain quicker off the line. But the heavy Ram with its long range may prove a much better tow vehicle. Ram also plans an eventual range extender–an internal combustion generator to give the truck unlimited range–which would make it the Ram the best electric truck for towing.

See how the two trucks stack up in the table below:

Rivian R1TRam 1500 Revolution
ClassificationMidsize body-on-frameFull-size body-on-frame
EnginesFour (Rivain quad-motor drive)Two
Horsepower835 horsepower885 horsepower (predicted)
Torque908 lb-ftunknown
Range314 miles (Optional battery pack)500 miles (targeted)

Next, read more about the Ram Revolution’s range extender or find out how the Rivian electric truck ‘changes everything.’

You can also watch an in-depth walkaround of the concept vehicle in the video below: