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Ram has been late to the EV game, as the Ford and Chevrolet EV pickups have already graced the public eye. Yet, that is set to change in less than a month. Ram seeks to shock the masses with its full-size electric pickup truck at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

A teaser for the new Ram 1500 EV.
A teaser for the Ram Revolution | Stellantis Media

What does the 2024 Ram 1500 EV look like?

In a handful of photos and videos, Ram is teasing on its website the “Revolution,” its interpretation of an all-electric pickup. Ram is not anticipated to debut a fully-working production truck but a concept model. Although there’s little to see in the darkened depictions, a few conclusions can be drawn.

The iconic “crosshairs” front fascia that departed in the middle of the fourth generation seems to have returned. The front of the Ram Revolution will have illuminated crosshairs in an X formation. Ram has also modernized the typeface of its logo with illuminated futuristic block letters spelling out Ram in the middle of the crosshairs.

Although there isn’t an internal combustion engine powering the new Ram Revolution, the front is still styled as such. For example, the wide-bodied TRX-style front has a bulge on the center of the hood.

To kick off its electric future, parent company Stellantis is shifting all its 13 brands to the modular STLA platform. Underpinning everything from Ram to Maserati, the STLA “Small,” “Medium,” and “Large” will anchor the company’s battery-electric vehicles (BEVs). 

The aforementioned are unibody chassis designs, but the Ram Revolution will likely sit on the STLA “FRame” platform, a modernized body-on-fRame architecture.

Along the side of the new all-electric Ram, the fenders are flared aggressively, much like the TRX. Moreover, the pickup bed overlaps slightly over the cab’s back.

What kind of powertrain will the 2024 Ram Revolution EV have?

While the new Ram Revolution will ditch any Hemi or Hellcat engine variants, the pickup is likely no slouch. STLA platform renderings show the BEV pickup will be a dual motor setup, with one on the front axle and one on the rear axle.

Stellantis asserts that its STLA platform EVs will be capable of a maximum range of 500 miles. Additionally, they will achieve a 0-62 mph sprint in as little as two seconds and have “class-leading” fast-charging capabilities. Models based on the STLA platform will use an integrated three-in-one electric drive module producing 70-330 kWh (94-442.5 hp).

Therefore, the most powerful Revolution variant could pack an 885-hp punch. The output would place the Ram far above the 563-hp Ford F-150 Lighting and the 754-hp Chevrolet Silverado, InsideEVs reports.

When will the Ram 1500 EV be on sale?

It’s unlikely that a production Ram Revolution will hit showroom floors in 2023. Production plants in North America are currently undergoing retooling and complete modernization for the Stellantis EV fleet. Similar newcomers like the Charger EV are set for production in 2025. Nevertheless, company executives have said they are planning on releasing the Ram EV in 2024.

At the January 5, 2023 CES, the Ram Revolution could be displayed in a full-size clay model. This would leave less to the imagination than must be due to the recent video teasers. While much remains to be seen, more details will follow the Las Vegas show.


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