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Did you recently graduate from college and are going nuts at the thought of finding a full-time job? Well, if you don’t mind getting out of your shell and trying out a job that’s a little different, then the makers of the PLANTERS brand have a job you might like. Just be warned, it involves driving a really nutty vehicle.

The PLANTERS job requires you to chauffer a well-known mascot

An elderly lady waves to the Nutmobile
An elderly lady waves to the Nutmobile | PLANTERS

If the thought of driving an eccentric vehicle across the country sounds enticing, then this job could be for you. PLANTERS is currently looking for three “Peanutters” to chauffer the one and only Mr. Peanut in the iconic Nutmobile from coast to coast. If you’re unfamiliar with the Nutmobile, just know that it’s a giant 26-foot-long peanut on wheels that stands out more than the old Honda Civic that you drove while you were in college and it’s way cooler.

“Since bringing the PLANTERS® brand into the Hormel Foods family, we’ve been looking forward to welcoming a new class of Peanutters to represent the PLANTERS® brand across the country,” said Jaynee Dykes, associate marketing director for the PLANTERS brand. “This is Hormel Foods’ first class of Peanutters and we are excited to keep this beloved tradition alive and continue to add substance to our fans’ lives as we visit them in their hometowns.”

What does the Peanutter job entail?

Three Peanutters jump for joy in front of the Nutmobile.
Three Peanutters jump for joy in front of the Nutmobile. | PLANTERS

The gig doesn’t just involve driving around the fabled mascot. According to the job posting, the Peanuter position also entails representing the brand in interviews and other appearances in local radio shows, TV spots, and digital publications. The Peanutters will also engage in consumer interactions with consumers while traveling with Mr. Peanut to work alongside “people who perform little acts of substance” for their communities at volunteer projects.

Basically, it sounds like the Peanutters will essentially be living the rockstar lifestyle by driving around in the Nutmobile while meeting and greeting fans, conducting interviews, and hanging with a giant peanut mascot. That’s doesn’t sound like a bad gig. The best part is that it’s full-time and is slated to last from June 2022 through June 2023. There’s no sign of how much the position pays, so if you’re interested, you’ll have to apply to find out.

What does it take to be a Peanutter?

Mr. Peanut hands a donation check to an organization in front of the Nutmobile.
Mr. Peanut hands a donation check to an organization in front of the Nutmobile. | PLANTERS

If you are interested in this position, then the PLANTERS brand is looking for applicants that meet the following criteria:

  • A recent college graduate with a with a bachelor’s degree, preferably in sales and marketing and experience in the communications, advertising, or public relations field.
  • You’ll need to have a desire to travel be proficient in “nut puns.”

If you feel like you fit this description and feel that you can take that college degree you just earned to another level, then make sure to apply by January 24, 2022. Those interested can check out to apply for the job. And while it might not be as cool as driving around in a Weinermobile to some, it sounds like being a Peanutter could be a good way into the company or at least a good way to sharpen your public relations skills.


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