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The people at Insurify say that an average of 1.78 percent of vehicle owners per model have some kind of prior DUI violation. When you apply for insurance, drivers have to indicate this on the application. These applications are where the company gets this information about driving under the influence. Insurify determined that those driving pickup trucks get more DUIs than any other car or SUV, which is some dangerous driving. The Dodge Ram 2500 truck wins the award for the most drivers with a DUI, which isn’t exactly a prestigious award.

The Dodge Ram 2500 pickup truck is the vehicle with the most DUIs

Pickup trucks make up 70% of the car models with the most DUIs
An alcoholic beverage label warns drivers “don’t drink and drive” | Yuriko Nakao/Getty Images

According to the information gathered from Insurify, DUI-related fatalities have decreased by almost 80% since 1982. Thanks to stricter laws and education related to alcohol safety, fatalities are down, and fewer people have been killed on the roads because of it. With that said, people driving under the influence is still a significant problem.

Insurify uses a 1.6 million car insurance applications database to gather this information. For drivers to get insurance, a prior DUI conviction has to be noted on the application. This also includes the make and model of the vehicle used for insurance. Then Insurify uses the applications that indicate a previous DUI conviction. The top 10 models with the drivers who indicated a previous DUI conviction were included.

The Dodge Ram 2500 pickup truck is the vehicle with the most DUIs. Over the 1.8 average, 4.95% of Dodge Ram 250 drivers have gotten a DUI. While the Dodge Ram pickup truck is the number one vehicle, there were many more pickup trucks that made the list.

Pickup trucks make up seven of the top 10 vehicles with the most DUIs

On top of that, seven out of 10 vehicles on this list are pickup trucks. The Dodge Ram 2500 is in the first place. The Chevrolet S truck came in at 3.47%, in third place. Next up is the GMC Sonoma truck (3.09%), followed by the Toyota Tacoma truck (3.08%), and the Chevrolet Silverado (3. 2%). But that isn’t all of the trucks. The GMC Sierra (3.01%) and the Dodge Dakota pickup truck (2.94%) round out the list of trucks with the most DUIs.

Car models with the most DUIsPercentages of DUIs
1. Dodge RAM 25004.95%
2. Subaru WRX4.1%
3. Chevrolet S Truck3.47%
4. Audi A43.28%
5. GMC Sonoma3.09%
6. Toyota Tacoma3.08%
7. Chevrolet Silverado3.02%
8. GMC Sierra3.01%
9. Dodge Dakota2.94%
10. Ford Contour2.92%

The Subaru WRX in second place with 4.1% is other notable cars on the list. The Audi A4 (3.28%) and Ford Contour (2.92%) are the only other cars. Who knew there were even enough Ford Contours on the road to get that many DUIs?

Fatalities from DUI accidents continue to decrease with education regarding alcohol safety

Car Models with the Most DUIs | Insurify

Insurify says that the Dodge Ram 2500 truck, also known as the Dodge Ram HD, has a DUI rate nearly 180% higher than the national average. As a heavy-duty truck, it also isn’t known for being very agile. Most large truck owners use the Ram truck for towing heavy loads and other work-related activities. Apparently, that means stopping for a quick drink on the way home from pulling these heavy loads at work.

Most of the vehicles on the list are domestic brands, with only three foreign cars listed. Insurify updated this information at the end of December 2021, which means it could change a lot over the course of this year. With all of the semiconductor chip drama, there might be fewer trucks on the list for 2022.

The development of technology and more comprehensive education on alcohol safety has decreased DUI-related fatalities by around 80%. Hopefully, that number continues to go down as cars, SUVs, and pickup trucks become safer.


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