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Toyota trucks aren’t just popular in the U.S., even though the Toyota Tacoma is incredibly popular here. In Brazil, Toyota allows customers to purchase a Toyota Tacoma (or the Toyota Hilux as it is called) through a trade program. So don’t head to your local dealership with cans of corn just yet. You probably don’t qualify for the program.

Buying your next Toyota Tacoma truck with corn

Toyota Tacoma Toyota Hilux
The Toyota Tacoma or Toyota Hilux truck | Toyota Global

Back in 2019, the global automaker started a program called Toyota Barter. Through the Toyota Barter program, Toyota will accept soy or corn grains as a payment for a new truck. The official announcement from August this year has more information.

“Named as Toyota Barter, the business model offers farmers the possibility of purchasing the Hilux pickup truck and the SW4 and Corolla Cross SUVs, by exchanging soybeans and corn, considering the market value of the bags – unit of measure of weight of pulses and cereals.”


This program is accepted in nine Brazilian states and offers more vehicles than just the Toyota Tacoma or Toyota Hilux. The brand is also offering it for the Toyota Fortuner (Toyota SW4) and the Toyota Corolla Cross. Both of these are larger SUVs in the lineup. While there are arguments about the Tacoma and the Hilux not being the same car, it is as close as we will get.

Buying with Toyota Barter: Toyota Tacoma, Toyota Hilux

Toyota operates grain warehouses through a company called NovaAgri. Part of the Toyota Group, the company Toyota Tsusho acquired NovaAgri back in 2015, according to a press release from the company. Toyota accepts grains instead of cash and can help the residents get into a vehicle.

This project started as a pilot program back in 2019 and has grown to become official since then. Toyota accepts grain and corn through this method and pays for the goods using the market value of the bags. Not only does this allow Toyota to make an impact on the main economic staple in Brazil, but it also is a way for the company to contribute to the local economies.

Those who agree to the terms to purchase a Toyota Tacoma or Toyota Hilux undergo a verification process to ensure sustainable practices are in use. Toyota wants to neutralize the company’s environmental impact by 2050.

The barter program benefits local farmers


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While trades are a less common source of income these days, in situations like this, it makes sense. For some farmers, the idea of a Toyota Tacoma, Toyota Hilux, SW4, or Corolla Cross is just a dream. The distinctive Toyota Barter programs allows this personal goal to realized. According to Toyota Brazil, 16% of direct sales go to the agricultural industry.

While this might be unorthodox for us in the U.S., it seems to be working just fine in Brazil. A well-equipped truck like the Toyota Tacoma or Toyota Hilux would be a huge advantage on farms. There is likely something missing from this situation that is lost in translation, but we appreciate the Toyota Barter program for what it is on the surface: corn for truck.