Pet Hair, French Fries, and Blood – Best and Worst Detailing Jobs of 2020 Video

A detailing job takes care of a lot more than many people realize. To prove that point, YouTubers have recorded plenty of video hours showing how they bring back that showroom appearance to a vehicle. One YouTuber recently posted a video showing his best and worst case detail jobs for 2020. Even for a person that enjoys detailing, this video is still eye-opening. 

What is detailing?

A man detailing the interior of a car
A man cleaning the dashboard of a car. | Jeffrey Greenberg/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Detailing a vehicle is more than just hitting it with a vacuum inside and washing the outside. Detailing is a deep dive into each of the interior and exterior surfaces of a car. Carpets, plastics, metal, and glass can all be brought back to their original luster or near to it with a good detailing session. However, detailing a vehicle properly can take many hours. That is because a detailer agrees to take on the task that many people just don’t have the time to take care of themselves. As a result, dirt, spilled drinks, food, and other things get ground into various surfaces. That does not make it easy to go back and clean it up.

The best and worst detailing jobs of 2020

There are many YouTube channels dedicated to automotive detailing. Some are run by people with their own shops, while others perform the job where they can. Regardless of the location or the vehicles’ condition, the videos all point out the same thing. That is that a messy and dirty vehicle can be brought back to its showroom or near showroom condition, most of the time. 

The Detail Geek is a popular YouTube channel run by a young gentleman that, you guessed it, records the detailing process for cars brought to him. He drops a new video every week. In each video, the host does a pretty good job of showing before and after shots of the process. These shots provide the viewer with a better understanding of the transformative session. But, at the end of 2020, he also posted a video recapping the best and worst jobs he had all year. That video is posted below. 

It gets as nasty as you expect

Overall, a properly detailed vehicle can provide a very rewarding result. However, the truth is that some people would rather sell a vehicle than deal with detailing it. Yet, detailing that same vehicle can bring back an owner’s appreciation for that car, truck, or SUV and make them second guess a decision to sell the vehicle off. That is not to say that detailing is an easy thing. For some of the most greatly abused vehicles, a detailer has to be prepared to deal with nasty things. For example, in the video above, the host addressed the expected pet hair and spilled drinks. But, as one might expect, there was also vomit and blood. 

Two workers aim pressure washers at an Audi to clean off the paint finish
Workers at Divisadero Touchless Car Wash use high pressure hoses to rinse off a car | Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Make your Car’s Paint Look Like it Just Got Detailed— Every Day

A good detailer is worth what they charge. For the more disgusting jobs, they are also worth an additional tip. Why? Simple. They are prepared to put up with disgusting things for their customers, even nasty or caked-on stuff. The detailing video above is the best example of that.