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I can already hear your comments: “The Honda Ridgeline isn’t a TRUE pickup truck–it’s got no frame!” But when we reviewed the redesigned 2021 Honda Ridgeline, we found it gave most pickup drivers all the capability they need without forcing them to overspend on a half-ton truck. Owners tell us they love their second-generation Ridgelines. And few of these trucks have been really flogged, which makes them an exceptional value on the used market.

Is the Honda Ridgeline a truck?

The Honda Ridgeline is a bit of an outlier and can be difficult to classify. It is technically a unibody pickup truck that fits into the “compact” segment. But a few features make it stand out from the other trucks in its class (the Ford Maverick and Hyundai Santa Cruz).

The grille of a red Honda Ridgeline compact pickup truck parked in front of trees.
2021 Honda Ridgeline Sport HPD | Joe Santos via MotorBiscuit

One reason the Ridgeline gets so much hate is that it’s not built like traditional midsize and full-size trucks. These “body-on-frame” vehicles begin as a powertrain and suspension attached to a ladder frame before their body is set on that frame.

The Ridgeline shares its “unibody” chassis with the Honda Pilot SUV. This means its powertrain and suspension are hung off a stiffened body shell called a unibody. Such vehicles can be lower, lighter, and cheaper than full-frame ones. But they can also prove harder to modify and less resistant to long-term abuse such as hardcore off-roading or heavy trailering.

Unlike the I4-powered Maverick and Santa Cruz, Honda offers the Ridgeline with a traditional, naturally-aspirated 3.5-liter V6. This engine makes 280 horsepower and 262 lb-ft of torque. That puts it on par with a V6-power Ram 1500. The Ridgeline can tow up to 5,000 lbs.

Finally, the Honda Ridgeline is heavy. The Ridgeline weighs more than certain configurations of the midsize Tacoma. In fact, the GVWR of the AWD Ridgeline (the combined weight of the vehicle and its maximum 1,583 lbs payload) legally puts it in the F-150’s weight class!

Owners love their Honda Ridgelines

Those who drive Honda Ridgelines are quick to say their compact truck has everything they need. They have shown up in droves to comment on our recent articles about the redesigned Ridgeline:

It’s more useful for me than any other vehicle with a bed. It’s not gargantuan in size, more reliable and more comfortable than any other vehicle that I’ve ever owned. I’ve owned Chevrolet, Fords and Dodges, none came close to my 2014 or 2022 Ridgelines.

Lawrence Brown

For most drivers is is the exact vehicle they need in 95% of every day truck use. For a business, like construction or landscape, no, clearly a true full size pickup is needed. But for the average homeowner who needs a truck it is nearly perfect. Great ride, enough payload for a yard of mulch, can tow a decent size trailer and has functional features like the in bed trunk.


I’ve had pickups of all sizes over the years. I’ve had 2 RLs. My 2021 RTLE is a fabulous vehicle. These reviews have no real bearing on the dedicated RL owner. They specifically chose the RL for its differences over a BOF truck. The RL is not trying to compete with the others. Its in a class of its own and BOF junkies need not apply.

John Stapler

For me and 95% of people out there a unibody construction is all you need. It isn’t a work truck and it isn’t an offroad warrior. However for my needs and for most other people it fulfills your need for an everyday, comfortable truck.

David Delgado

Bought a 2023 Ridgeline RTL p/u truck in February. Best auto I have ever owned. Previously owned Ford, Nissan, & 3 Toyota p/u trucks. My Toyota trucks were good. This Ridgeline is great. Smooth riding, economical, plenty power & lots of great innovative features. Hidden secure trunk in the back of the bed is great for my golf clubs. Great for dump runs, diving, fishing & shuttling grandkids. Very spacious & comfortable for passengers & driver. So much to like about this truck. Absolutely stoked I bought it. Happy & cruising in Maui. ??

Lee Munemitsu

How much is a 2021 Honda Ridgeline worth?

So you’re considering a two-year-old Honda Ridgeline and are curious how much you’ll pay. reveals that the average 2021 model is listed for resale at $35,641. But note that these prices are dropping quickly.

The tailgate of a red 2021 Honda Ridgeline sport with AWD parked in the woods.
2021 Honda Ridgeline Sport HPD | Joe Santos via MotorBiscuit

This time last year, the average 2021 Ridgeline was listed at $42,178. Obviously, it was only a one-year-old truck back then. But used vehicle prices are coming down this year. The average used car currently loses about 3% of its value every month. predicts that the average 2021 Honda Ridgeline will depreciate to 76.4% of its MSRP, or $29,908, by the time it’s five years old.

Next, read MotorBiscuit’s original review of the 2021 Honda Ridgeline, or see a used Honda Ridgeline buying guide in the video below: