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Many celebrities have high standards for their cars, and Paris Hilton is no exception. With an estimated net worth of $300 million, she can afford to splurge on luxury cars. Some of her most extravagant rides include a Ferrari California, a Rolls-Royce Ghost, and a McLaren MP4-12C Spider. However, none is as opulent as her customized Bentley Continental GT.

In addition to coating the car in a custom pink paint job, the hotel heiress adorned her ride with a diamond-encrusted dashboard. Let’s look at the Bentley Continental GT before and after the Paris Hilton treatment.

Is a Bentley Continental GT worth the price?

Because Paris Hilton bought her Bentley in 2008, we can guess hers is a 2009 model. According to, this ultra-luxury coupe packs a twin-turbo W12 harnessing 552 hp and 479 lb-ft of torque. It also comes with all-wheel drive and a six-speed automatic gearbox with a manual shifting mode.

In addition, adaptive air suspension is standard equipment, giving the car a smooth ride even during sporty maneuvers. Because Hilton likely spared no expense for her Continental GT, we also expect it has carbon-ceramic brakes.

The Bentley Continental GT also doesn’t have any side pillars, significantly improving visibility. And this luxury cruiser is easy to control at any pace thanks to its speed-sensitive steering. Once the car reaches highway speeds, a rear spoiler automatically deploys.

The Bentley Continental GT can seat four riders, and both rows accommodate tall riders. Authentic wood accents and genuine lambs-wool floormats adorn the highest trim level. This model also had an iPod hookup years before Apple CarPlay debuted.

A fully loaded 2009 Bentley Continental GT was already expensive without any custom work, priced at $231,400 new. Bentley Newport Beach says you can’t get a base GT Convertible for less than $222,700 today. The Speed model that Paris might own now goes for around $274,900.

Paris Hilton has a bubblegum-pink Bentley Continental GT

Paris Hilton pink Bentley Continental GT
Paris Hilton loves pink | PG/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

Though many luxury automakers now offer seemingly endless customization options, Paris Hilton pursued outside help for her bespoke Bentley Continental GT in 2009. According to Buzzdrives, West Coast Customs provided the bubblegum-pink paint job. 

The company also painted the rims, hubcaps, and grille to match. It also reupholstered the interior with pink seats and a pink-and-black steering wheel and dashboard. In addition, West Coast Customs replaced the Bentley badge with the socialite’s initials in rhinestones.

As you can imagine, it isn’t easy to drive this car without being recognized. According to AutoEvolution, that’s why Hilton also had her Bentley outfitted with tinted windows.

Paparazzi or no, the media star still said she intended to cruise in her pink Bentley around her gated community. She has also been spotted in the Bentley around town and at get-togethers with friends.

Paris Hilton paid a pretty penny for her diamond-studded dashboard

Shortly after her grand birthday purchase, Paris Hilton had one of her staffers inquire about adding diamonds to her Bentley’s dashboard. The dash had to be custom-made at the automaker’s headquarters in Crewe, England, and then flown to the States.

Luxury Launches reports that the dashboard alone cost an additional $280,490 based on the exchange rate in 2008. Interestingly, Hilton bought her car and the unique dashboard during the Great Recession.

Paris Hilton has since sold many of the cars she purchased in the 2000s. However, she still flaunts her custom pink Bentley Continental GT on magazine covers and on her Instagram. 

Considering how attached she has become to the vehicle, it will likely remain in her garage permanently. Sure, it might not boast all the latest tech gadgets, but Hilton has plenty of other new cars to satisfy those needs.


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