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A chrome Bentley logo with Bentley written underneath on a brown background.
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The company was founded by W.O. Bentley, with the first car made in New Street Mews, London, in 1919. The company has grown exponentially since its early days with a crew of exceptional people at the helm, including the men and women that raced cars in the 1920s to illustrate the companies performance capabilities. These drivers pushed engineering and innovation when it came to these models.

The company pushed the standards of luxury and performance and is now known for these standards worldwide. Their main focus was to create a proper racing car that was still comfortable for the riders during their early years. Year after year, the automaker succeeded in reaching its goal.

Their consistency in performance and design has made the company the desired vehicle standing in as the definition of luxury. Now offering hybrid options, they are pushing their way through the future and attempting to keep up with the times. This high-end brand is an excellent option for those that enjoy luxury and performance.

Featured Vehicle: Flying Spur

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All Bentley Vehicles:


Continental Range: It is defined by its sheer power, agility, and luxury.

The Flying Spur Range: A dynamic drive showcasing effortless performance and luxury.

SUVs and Minivans:

Bentayga Range: With innovative technology and comfort, this model is created for city streets, open roads, and beyond.

Recently Discontinued Vehicles

Mulsanne: Was once the flagship model representing luxury and performance.

Continental: It was known for its beautiful craftsmanship and performance.

Bentayga: Was one of the world’s first true luxury SUVs.

Consumer Research:

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