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Ferrari’s first SUV, the Purosangue, has an MSRP of $402,050. But not this one. Built to the same exacting standards as Ferrari’s version and even licensed by Ferrari itself, it sells for $15,995. Confused? The Purosangue shown here you can’t drive; it’s a hyper-detailed 1/8th scale version of Ferrari’s SUV.

Everything related to Ferraris is expensive. So it figures a scale model would cost $16,000. But this one isn’t a plastic glue-together kit. Each part is hand-hewn by the craftsmen at Amalgam, the company offering the Ferrari. 

How many of these Ferrari Purosangue models will be made?

Amalgam Ferrari Purosangue 1/8 scale model rear 3/4 view
Amalgam Ferrari Purosangue 1/8 scale model | Amalgam

Amalgam will only build 199 Purosangue models. It put over 3,000 hours into developing the model. And each model takes over 300 hours to build, as there are thousands of parts. They’re made from castings, photo-etchings, and CNC-machined components. 

The company had access to Ferrari’s CAD information to help scale down each component. Design, materials, and colors are all spec’d identical to what Ferrari uses on its actual cars. The built model is over two feet long. Each customer has the option to choose their own color, to match their real Purosangue in some cases. 

What powers a real Ferrari Purosangue?

Amalgam Ferrari Purosangue 1/8 scale model wheel close up
Amalgam Ferrari Purosangue 1/8 scale model | Amalgam

The Ferrari Purosangue is the first SUV and first production four-door the company has ever manufactured. To enforce that this is a genuine Ferrari, it is powered by the 6.5-liter V12, with 715 hp. Performance figures are 62 mph at 3.3 seconds with a speed limiter set at 193 mph. So, yeah, it’s a Ferrari.

There is also adaptive suspension, with electric motors that control dampers to even out body roll. It even hunkers down upon full acceleration. And passengers can melt into the four individual bucket seats. An optional electrochromic glass roof is available, or you can go with the standard carbon fiber roof panel. 

Why did Ferrari make the Purosangue SUV?

Amalgam Ferrari Purosangue 1/8 scale model showing dash
Amalgam Ferrari Purosangue 1/8 scale model | Amalgam

Inside, it’s all leather and twin 10.2-inch screens on the dash. Safety and driver assist tech is state of the art. In other words, it is exactly what you would expect from a Ferrari, regardless of whether it is a sports car or an SUV. 

Ferrari had to make an SUV. After all, Lamborghini has its Urus, Porsche with the Cayenne Turbo, not to mention the Bentley Bentayga and Rolls-Royce Cullinan. Some considered it desecrating a shrine, but companies have to bend with the trends to stay in business. 

Red Amalgam Ferrari Purosangue 1/8 scale model rear close up
Amalgam Ferrari Purosangue 1/8 scale model | Amalgam

As for the Amalgam Purosangue price, many suggest that $15,995 is a steal, even though it is only a scale model. Besides the Purosangue, Amalgam has other vehicles in its collection. It will even create a one-off should you want to inquire.


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