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Toyota is synonymous with budget-friendly dependability and sensibility. However, not every one of Toyota’s cars is a reliability ringer. Specifically, the 2007 Toyota Camry and its problems earned a spot on the list of the vehicles with the most significant owner complaints. While the Camry name is renowned for its dependability, one model year might warrant reconsideration. 

Is the 2007 Toyota Camry a good car?

A 2007 Toyota Camry has no problem displaying its drama-free styling and silver paintwork.
2007 Toyota Camry | Bryan Mitchell via Getty Images

The 2007 Toyota Camry is an affordable, sensible car. For instance, potential owners can find a Camry LE with average mileage for around $6,600. However, it’s also one of the only Toyota models on the list of the most problematic vehicles per owner complaints. 

Specifically, the 2007 Toyota Camry is the marque’s only car on the list. It earned the No. 20 position out of 20 spots, suggesting it’s the most dependable out of the top 20 problem-laden vehicles, according to Its place on the list is right behind the 2001 Honda Civic, 2000 Dodge Intrepid, and 2014 RAM 1500. 

What are the major problems with the 2007 Toyota Camry?

The most common problem owners reported about the 2007 Toyota Camry is excessive oil consumption, which accounts for around 285 complaints of roughly 4,000. In addition to a thirst for oil, the Toyota car has more infrequent gremlins like engine knock and warped dash material. 

Regarding the oil-burning issue, the average mileage for the vehicles in question is around 97,500. Moreover, a replacement engine is one of the most expensive remedies, which could cost $2,420 or more. As a result, gives the 2007 model an “avoid-it-like-the-plague” label.

However, the 2007 Toyota Camry’s average annual repair cost could make fixes and maintenance an affordable affair. According to RepairPal, the used Camry model has an annual repair cost of just $329, depending on factors like location and mileage. That puts it ahead of comparable vehicles like a used Ford Fusion. Moreover, RepairPal says that, while owners complain about the 2007 model’s oil thirst, severe issues are limited and infrequent.

How many miles will a 2007 Camry last?

A used, silver 2007 Toyota Camry shows off its then-new car fascia under stage lights.
2007 Toyota Camry | Bryan Mitchell, Getty Images

Fortunately, a Camry from 2007 could last between 200,000 and 300,000 miles, barring an engine failure. According to iSeeCars, a used Toyota Camry has a potential lifespan of around 223,249 miles, making it one of the longest-lasting used sedans on the market. 

Furthermore, iSeeCars’ lifespan study reflects some average odometer readings, not the maximum possible mileage that a used Camry could cover in its lifetime. With proper care and maintenance, a Camry could push many thousands of miles beyond the lifespan study figures

No other Toyota cars made the list, but one SUV did 

Unfortunately for Toyota fans, the Camry wasn’t the marque’s only vehicle on the list. According to owners, the 2019 Toyota RAV4 is the No. 3 most problematic vehicle. Instead, the Camry was the only Toyota car to make the list, and it did so just barely. 

Ford has the greatest number of vehicles on the list, with six of its models earning spots. The Explorer, Focus, and Escape have model years on the roster, including the top position with the 2002 Explorer. 

Should you avoid the 2007 Toyota Camry and choose a different car?

The 2007 Toyota Camry might be a potential headache, but its affordability makes it a decent prospect for a cheap car. However, a different model year of Camry might better serve potential owners, like a 2011 model.

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