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Before buying any used or new vehicle, you’ll cross reference your list of considerations. How it looks and drives are going to matter. And meeting the needs of your lifestyle matters, too. For example, you’ll look a fuel efficiency for a commuter car and hauling capacity for pickup. But don’t forget about the cost of maintenance.

Understanding the historical precedence of reliability on a vehicle will help you prepare for repair costs, maintenance expenses, and common mechanical problems. And if you’re looking at a Hyundai right now, you’ll expect a decent reliability rating. But in actuality, there’s only one Hyundai model with annual maintenance costs below $300. Here’s what the RepairPal data has to say.

Hyundai’s overall average repair costs

Of all the vehicle brands out there, a few come to mind as reliable and easy to maintain. And if you’ve ever owned a Hyundai, you might be among the thousands of Hyundai owners who swear by the dependability of their cars. 

RepairPal sifted through the data from actual Hyundai ownership experiences, confirming those reliability sentiments. Hyundai earns an “excellent” reliability rating of four out of five.

After collecting and analyzing the survey responses and tallying the reports of repairs and maintenance, Hyundai models, in general, are pretty affordable. The average annual repair cost for all Hyundai vehicles is roughly $468.

From the small sedans to the popular, family-friendly SUVs, keeping your Hyundai on the road for under $500 per year is pretty reasonable. 

The one Hyundai with annual maintenance costs below $300

The Hyundai logo lit up at night. The Hyundai Scoupe from the 90s is the Hyundai with the lowest annual maintenance costs.
The Hyundai logo | Josh Lefkowitz/Getty Images

Of all the Hyundai models, only one falls below $300 in annual maintenance and repairs: the Hyundai Scoupe.

The Hyundai Scoupe was popular in the early and mid-90s as a super-efficient and affordable two-door coupe. It was replaced in 1996 by the Hyundai Tiburon.

According to the RepairPal data, it’s only going to cost $283 every year to maintain and/or repair a Hyundai Scoupe. Of course, each vehicle’s unique condition will come into play, including mileage, age, and driving history.

But there are only three common reported problems, including slippage of the automatic transmission in fourth gear and instances of water leaking into the trunk.

The most expensive Hyundai to keep on the road

The Hyundai Equus is at the opposite end of the cost of maintenance spectrum. This was Hyundai’s flagship luxury contender before officially switching gears and launching the Genesis brand. While the Equus was once a pricey sedan to buy, finding one today is going to be ridiculously affordable.

The Equus costs $976, on average, to maintain every year. There aren’t very many specific repair concerns that come up in the RepairPal analytics. But those that may present with a Hyundai Equus are a bit pricey. Sound speaker failure is a problem in the data.

More concerning are the costs associated with other potential repairs, including the replacement of the air conditioning refrigerant line, which costs between $887 and $910. Replacing the windshield washer motor will cost more than $1,000. And suspension shock and strut replacement could run upwards of $4,192.

Before you buy any Hyundai model, keep these maintenance costs and potential repair expenses in mind. The Hyundai Scoupe is the most affordable to keep on the road. And overall, Hyundai models are reasonably inexpensive to maintain.


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