One of the Most Powerful Rolls-Royce Engines Is Not Even in a Car

Rolls-Royce is an automotive manufacturer known for premium luxury performance cars. But, the company is a lot more diverse with its product offerings than just cars. No, I don’t mean that they are going to make a pickup truck or a bus. What I do mean is that Rolls-Royce engineers have affected other industries. In fact, a new engine from the manufacturer is not even for a car. That’s right, a new 2,000 hp twelve-cylinder engine will never see roadway use!

The Rolls-Royce backstory

Gray 2003 Rolls-Royce Phantom VII side view, in front of a rocky cliff
2003 Rolls-Royce Phantom VII side | Rolls-Royce

Charles Rolls and Henry Royce formed Rolls-Royce in 1904 to produce cars. The company has since grown, been restructured, been sold, and come back to the land of the living over the years. But, in that lifecycle process, the manufacturer has used its engineering skill in endeavors beyond the automotive industry to include aviation and marine applications.

Rolls-Royce in the aviation industry

Many people may remember from their World War II history that Rolls-Royce was around in the aviation sector back then. The Merlin engines in the Spitfire airplanes were actually Rolls-Royce engines. And it didn’t stop there. The company has continued to grow in the aviation sector. Today, it is considered among the top aviation engine producers in the world. The manufacturer even today produces the F130 engine for the B52 long-range bomber for the US Airforce. But, that 2,000 hp twelve-cylinder engine I mentioned before is not for the aviation wing of the company. 

To give you a better clue of where that engine is going, I’ll refer to some vital stats posted on the company website, “Rolls-Royce has customers in more than 150 countries, comprising more than 400 airlines and leasing customers, 160 armed forces, 70 navies, and more than 5,000 power and nuclear customers.”

Rolls-Royce in the marine industry

The 2,000 hp twelve-cylinder Rolls-Royce engine is destined for use in the marine industry. Boat engines have been a part of the manufacturer’s reach now for decades. In fact, the engine in question is part of the Series 2000 M96 family, which was originally released in 2015. But, the newest iteration of it, with all of that horsepower, is what is making waves. According to the company’s press release, 

“Now we’ve been able to boost the engine’s output and thus its performance, without compromising its durability,” said Denise Kurtulus, Head of Marine Business at Rolls-Royce’s Power Systems Division. “This feature puts us right up there at the top of the market.”

“We’ve already sold the first of the new M96X engines to shipbuilders Viking and OTAM,” explained Andrew Boyer, Senior Sales Manager at MTU America. “Viking is due to unveil the first yacht fitted with the higher horsepower engines by the end of the year”. The engine is also supported by Premium Yacht Service, a global service program for yacht customers. This ensures the boat owner gets fast, reliable support throughout the entire service life of the engine.”

Yachts because, why not

A beauty picture of the Rolls-Royce Series 2000 M96 marine engine
Rolls-Royce Series 2000 M96X marine engine | Rolls-Royce

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Rolls-Royce is known as the creme-de-la-creme in any field they reach into. So, it is not surprising that they have a hand in the yacht portion of the marine business. People looking for the best-of-the-best recognize the Rolls-Royce name. People looking to buy yachts can afford the best. Indeed, it seems like a marriage made in heaven or at least a marriage by the captain of the vessel.