Next Mercedes C-Class Will Reportedly Go Electric

The Mercedes-Benz C-Class car was first introduced in 1993 and has been one of the brand’s flagship vehicles ever since. But in order to keep up with a competitive market and more environmentally-conscious consumers, Mercedes is starting to electrify its lineup. The next generation of C-Class is expected to impress the world with its luxurious style, high-quality finishes, ultra-cool tech, and electrified powertrains.

Fifth-generation C-Class will compete on a new stage

In 2021, the C-Class will be entering its newest generation and Mercedes is taking it to levels it’s never been before. With the purpose of competing with the new market full of advanced, economical SUVs, Mercedes will be adding technology and luxury to the C-Class that’s never been seen before. The C-Class has been one of Mercedes’ flagship vehicles for years, but with the threat of big competition, Mercedes-Benz is planning a major (and impressive) overhaul of its favorite sedan. After all, Mercedes is hoping that the C-Class will help launch the brand into the future.

According to Motoring, the new C-Class is expected to debut at the 2020 Paris Motor Show. It is expected to premiere “exclusively hybrid powertrains and a big step forward in autonomous driving technology.” The new C-Class will feature technologies that are not used in any of Mercedes’ other models and we can’t wait. And for the first time, the C-Class will get a full battery-electric option. But it doesn’t just stop there. Mercedes-Benz will be turning its W206 C-Class into a variety of electrified, technologically-advanced vehicles.

What Mercedes will bring to the electrified C-Class

As far as exterior design, the new electrified W206 C-Class will look much like it always has, but with a redesigned front-end. You’ll still be able to get the new C-Class in sedan, wagon, coupe, or convertible variants, with both rear- and all-wheel-drive powertrains available. Rumor has it, there will also be an All-Terrain, soft-road version of the C-Class as well.

There will be both a mild-hybrid option, as well as a full plug-in hybrid C-Class. The mild-hybrid will work through a starter-generator electric motor and the full plug-in version will use a transmission-mounted electric motor. Mercedes will swap its six-cylinder engines for electrified, four-cylinder turbos on all hybrid models instead. These engines will be designed for both gasoline and diesel. The new electrified C-Class will be lighter than ever before, built off new steel and aluminum architecture. Though there are no definite figures yet, Mercedes is expecting the hybrid C-Class to get around 50 miles of range. There are also plans to make the C-Class go entirely electric. According to Motor 1, while the hybrid options of the C-Class will be ready in 2021, a fully-electric version won’t be available until 2022.

Suspension in the new C-Class won’t change much, based around five-link rear suspension and a double-wishbone front-end. As always, air springs will be an option. But where the C-Class will get its biggest changes isn’t in the electrified powertrain, it’s in the technology inside.

Taking technology to new heights in the C-Class

The debut of the newer, electrified C-Class is expected to take autonomous driving to new levels. Mercedes’ E-Class is currently able to independently lane-change, but the new C-Class will take the tech a step farther. The W206 C-Class is expected to be a full, level 3 autonomous car. This means that the new electrified C-Class will have the ability to be hands-free at up to 80 mph. The newly designed system in the C-Class will use a new camera system, plus radar, Lidar, and ultrasonic parking sensors. The newest C-Class will also feature a level 4 valet parking system, which includes a smartphone-operated function.

According to Motor 1, the C-Class will also feature all-new tech, like a huge infotainment system that stretches the length of the center console and an impressive instrument cluster.