Electric Mercedes S-Class Previewed by EQS Concept

While the current crop of EVs seem a bit stilted, how about Mercedes-Benz’s Vision EQS for a change of pace? Granted, it’s only a concept, but we know there is something like this in the works for us consumers because spy shots have already shown engineers testing what may eventually become the first all-electric Mercedes S-Class.

The EQS is Mercedes’ answer to what the near future holds for large electric luxury vehicles and a preview of a future S-Class. It feels that consumers of the future will still demand craftsmanship, emotive design, luxurious materials, and individual driving pleasure, just like they do now. We agree, especially about the “individual driving pleasure” part.

One Bow Proportions

Visually, it has a striking presence, especially with all of the lights. Mercedes says the EQS has “one bow” proportions but didn’t explain what that means. Mercedes describes this as “luxurious generosity and aerodynamic elegance in ideal harmony.” That’s exactly what we were thinking. Perfect for the electric S-Class of the future.

One electric motor at each wheel drives the EQS with axle-variable torque distribution. It accelerates from 0-to-62 mph in less than 4.5 seconds. The range is extended to 435 miles, and the recharge rate is 80% in less than 20-minutes. Mercedes has already installed 100 of the 400 charging stations it has planned for Europe.

Wild Headlights

The headlights are four holographic modules rotating over 2,000 rpm. They rotate so fast, they project the impression of images. You can program an image to an adjacent vehicle for communicating with them. We don’t know why you wouldn’t just pick up your cell phone and talk but maybe Mercedes envisions a time when cell phones will be illegal or outmoded. Or people no longer communicate with words?

There are 188 LED lights in the grille, which Mercedes says is a world first. Another 229 LED stars are positioned at the rear, with a “lightbelt” linking the front and rear in what Mercedes calls the car’s “structure.”  

If you were expecting more lights inside, you’d be correct. Level 3 autonomy is part of the plan, with driving still part of the experience. Multiple screens and the infotainment system provide entertainment when autonomously driving. Everything will be touchscreen controlled.

Yacht-Inspired S-Class

Mercedes wanted the look and feel of a luxury yacht inside. The entire dashboard acts as an interior sculpture. It combines the dashboard, center console, and armrests floating in the interior. Dinamica microfiber runs next to the figured maple trim. Artificial leather is used on the seats, with the headliner made from recycled ocean waste plastic.

Connected light surrounds occupants. Air vents are inlaid into the trim and a fragrance flask contained in a decorative holder round out the interior.

The electric-drive platform Mercedes intends on using is modular, so it can expand models quickly with variations in wheelbase, track, proportions, etc. The lithium-ion battery used for the EQS is manufactured by Mercedes’ subsidiary Accumotive.

While the concept is a single vehicle, and its platform the basis for multiple models in the near future, Mercedes is going beyond building a clean vehicle with its goal of a CO2-neutral fleet of cars in 20 years. It sees the world in climate-neutral mobility and emission-free driving. So, Mercedes’ goals for the future go way beyond the EQS and are a reminder we as automotive enthusiasts can be a part of the sustainability future.