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The Honda Ridgeline is an objectively great truck. It is easy to drive, fuel-efficient, safe, and reliable. The thing that always stands in the way of being more popular is its lack of rugged utility. The Honda Ridgeline is not much of a hardworking pickup truck, but that might be changing thanks to the 2024 Honda Ridgeline TrailSport. Although, there are still a few areas that could hold it back. 

Will there be a 2024 Honda Ridgeline TrailSport?

2024 Honda Ridgeline TrailSport crossing a river with two dirt bikes in the back
2024 Honda Ridgeline TrailSport | Honda

Honda is not only continuing the TrailSport for 2024, but the carmaker has given it some significant upgrades, distinguishing it from previous models. The 2024 Honda Ridgeline TrailSport is finally a more rugged trim for the Honda truck. 

What’s new for the 2024 Honda Ridgeline TrailSport?

The TrailSport trim dropped in 2022. While it looked cool, it still wasn’t really any better off-road. It got some beefy tires, a sort of decorative skid plate, and kept its same suspension. Essentially, it was an aesthetic package. However, Honda has gone back to the drawing board, and we now have a new TrailSport that features some key upgrades. 

Honda finally gave the Ridgeline some proper tires. The 2024 TrailSport now wears a set of Honda-spec General Grabber A/T Sports measuring 245/60R18. After crunching some numbers, the Ridgeline’s total tire height is 29.6 inches, only two inches shorter than the Chevrolet Colorado Trail Boss

Along with new tires, the new TrailSport also gets a unique suspension tune with softer springs and thinner anti-roll bars. This new tune is said to support more articulation off-road without sacrificing on-road driving feel. However, ground clearance remains unchanged at 7.9 inches. 

Lastly, the new TrailSport gets a proper skid plate for 2024. A skid plate is a steel plate that sits below its oil pan, protecting it from rocks and other off-road hazards. This is a major improvement from the previous TrailsSport’s faux bash plate. Still, the Ridgeline doesn’t have as much protection or tow points as the Honda Pilot, which is certainly a mark against the Honda truck. And if you need help differentiating the TrailSport from other trims, the off-road trim comes in Diffused Sky Blue, a unique paint option for the trim. 

Is the 2024 Honda Ridgeline TrailSport four-wheel-drive? 

2024 Honda Ridgeline TrailSport parked in the woods
2024 Honda Ridgeline TrailSport | Honda

Unfortunately, the 2024 Honda Ridgeline TrailSport is not 4×4. It has the same AWD as the regular Ridgeline. While a proper 4×4 driveline would be sweet, Honda’s AWD system is pretty sophisticated and should be plenty for what the Ridgeline can be expected to do. According to Honda, up to 70% of the 3.5-liter V6’s 262 lb-ft of torque can be sent to the rear wheels, and all torque sent rearward can be directed to either side. Drive modes include sand, snow, and mud and will alter throttle mapping, transmission, traction control settings, and torque distribution to maintain momentum on slick surfaces.

2024 Honda Ridgeline TrailSport price

Although Honda hasn’t released the official price yet, we expect the 2024 TrailSport to start somewhere between $41,000-$43,000. This is pretty far from cheap, but Honda really isn’t the budget company it once was. Price aside, the Ridgeline is one of the best midsize pickup trucks in the market. Its reliability and comfort are nearly unparalleled in the segment. However, it is a shame that customers still have to wait for a fully redesigned Ridgeline in order to get the whole truck package.