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The second-gen Honda Ridgeline has been around since 2016. And that means that this midsize truck is going on seven years old. With a new Honda Pilot here, it makes sense that an all-new Honda Ridgeline pickup would be on the horizon. Some rumors indicate this new midsize truck arriving for the 2025 model year. 

Is there a third-generation Honda Ridgeline?

Honda’s midsize truck is currently in its second generation. This model came about in 2016 for the 2017 model year and has remained largely unchanged since then. Although the Ridgeline is not the most popular truck among consumers, it consistently earns praise from top publications. 

That said, with the success of other unibody trucks like the Ford Maverick, it does seem like there could be an opening for a Honda Ridgeline that sells well. Especially if the brand gives this pickup a redesign that people like. 

The Honda Pilot SUV actually shares its platform with the Ridgeline. And that vehicle is now in its fourth generation. Options like the Trailsport trim have helped to prove that this vehicle is ready for off-road duty. And overall, it seems like folks are enjoying what Honda has done with the Pilot.

A third-gen Ridgeline is likely to follow in the steps of the Pilot. In doing so, it would align with Honda’s current design language.

The Ridgeline is not a popular midsize truck

When you compare the Honda Ridgeline to other midsize truck rivals, it appears to be a real loser. It does not even sell half as well as something like the Toyota Tacoma. But, with the introduction of the Hyundai Santa Cruz and Ford Maverick, consumers may realize that a unibody truck can be practical. 

A white new 2023 Honda Ridgeline pickup blasts over a hill.
2023 Honda Ridgeline | Honda

The problem is the Honda Ridgeline is not priced like the Santa Cruz or Maverick. Instead of being priced like an economy car, the Ridgeline is significantly more expensive. And that might be why folks do not take it as seriously. For about the same cost, you can get something like a Nissan Frontier. 

Another issue might be the lack of a true off-road trim. Sure, you can modify the Ridgeline to be an off-road truck, and even in stock form, it can do some light trail work. If Honda added a Trailsport Ridgeline to the lineup, it might be able to breathe more life into this model. 

In the video above, you can see that the Honda Pilot Trailsport is pretty capable. That package adds things like skid plates and other rugged goodies. Surely, the brand could do the same for the Ridgeline. It only makes sense. 

Will there be a third-gen Ridgeline?

According to autoevolution, folks have already been making their own renders of what an all-new Honda Ridgeline could look like. But, we have not had any details revealed by Honda quite yet. 

With the right changes, the 2025 Ridgeline (or whichever model year the third generation is) could finally mark a Honda truck that consumers actually spend their money on.

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