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These days, cars have more features than the megaplex. Once upon a time, things like backup cameras, heated seats, lane-keep assist, driver attention monitoring, and many more were car features reserved only for the fanciest rides. These days, everything seems to have everything. It can almost become overwhelming. However, the best luxury car feature has finally made its way to the rest of us. The sunroof or moon roof – I’m not prejudiced – is the most underrated luxury car faeture.

Passenger looks out ff the sunroof
Passenger looks out ff the sunroof | Bromberger Hoover Photography/Getty Images)

Are sunroofs really the most underrated car feature? 

Yes. Yes, they are. 

The sunroof/moonroof gives us enough of the convertible feeling with zero downsides. Maybe “zero downsides” is a bit of a stretch, but sunroofs have made a lot of progress for the most part. 

Although many sunroofs can tilt or even open completely, the biggest benefit of these marvelous roof windows is that they open our cars up to make us feel less cramped and more involved with the world flying past our windows. 

Before sunroofs and moonroofs were super popular, car cabins were often tight, dark, and oppressive. The addition of a sunroof can truly make all the difference. 

What is the difference between a sunroof and a moonroof? 

sunroof and moonroof shot from inside of a car
Sunroof and Moonroof | Matthew West/MediaNews Group/Boston Herald via Getty Images

Typically, a sunroof denotes the window being over the two front seats. Meanwhile, the moonroof is a second window, typically over the rear seats. The main difference is that while sunroofs often open or tilt, moonroofs are just a window. However, most people use the terms interchangeably.

Having both types of roof windows is a major luxury. Although with each passing day, it seems these features are more and more common. We even see an increase in the full panoramic roofs. This feature is still reserved for mostly higher-end cars. But if the mass adoption of sunroofs is any indication, we will see panoramic roofs on Toyota Camrys in no time. 

 Why should you avoid sunroofs? 

Jon Moss & Mikey Craig hanging out of a sunroof
Jon Moss & Mikey Craig hanging out of a sunroof | Vinnie Zuffante/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

Well, you shouldn’t. But some people do for several reasons. According to Autoblog, one of the biggest reasons why people opt out of a sunroof or moonroof is the added cost. Minding your budget is always a fair reason to pass on a luxury car feature. 

Leaking sunroofs used to be a far more common problem than it is today. The primitive sunroofs from yesteryear were essentially just holes cut into the roof of a car that seemed to leak no matter what eventually. These days, that problem is all but eradicated. 

Autoblog points out that some taller drivers might notice that in certain cars, sunroofs can make the headliner a bit lower, shrinking the driver’s headroom. This certainly doesn’t apply to most models, but it is good to be aware. 

I love sunroofs

If you are looking for the best luxury car feature to focus your car hunt, the sunroof/moonroof/panoramic roof is the best one. Give your drives the gift of fresh air, warmth, and light. You probably won’t regret it.