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This is a 1968 Mazda Cosmo Sport coupe. It represents so many great firsts for the Japanese automaker, and design-wise, there is nothing like it. This is a Series II, the second year of its production. And for such a limited-edition, iconic Mazda production vehicle, one would think it could easily fetch a six-figure price. But this one is for sale for $64,000. 

The Cosmo Sport was Mazda’s first two-rotor sports car and the first ever with this type of power plant. Its debut was in 1964, After much development and testing, it was in production on May 30, 1967.

How many Mazda Cosmo sports cars were made?

1968 Mazda Cosmo Sport in front of building
1968 Mazda Cosmo Sport | Car From Japan

It epitomized the 1960s slim, futuristic styling and proportions like no other vehicle. Its design evoked 1960s space and the race to the moon. It was a breakout model for Japan in a sea of chunky sedans and sports cars like the Nissan 2000, which came out the same year as this Series II Cosmo. 

Production never hit big numbers, as each Cosmo was put together by hand. Mazda could crank out only one a day, for a total of 1,176 built between 1967 and 1972. So besides the firsts for both its unique engine and spacey styling, it was an extremely rare sight. 

Which rotary engine did the Mazda Cosmo have?

White 1968 Mazda Cosmo Sport rear
1968 Mazda Cosmo Sport | Car From Japan

If the Cosmo comes close in terms of iconic Japanese sports cars, it is the Toyota 2000GT, which also had its debut in 1967. But they’re very different animals, and the Cosmo had a price far less than the 2000GT. In its first year, the Cosmo sold for $4,100, while the 2000GT hit over $7,000. 

First-year Cosmos featured an 0810 982 cc two-rotor with 110 hp. Being under 100 cc, it skirted under the added road tax vehicles in Japan were burdened with. The 0810 spun a four-speed manual transmission with a double-wishbone coil spring front suspension and de Dion leaf spring rear. 

How much is this Cosmo?

1968 Mazda Cosmo Sport interior detail
1968 Mazda Cosmo Sport | Car From Japan

With the Series II, the rotary power saw an increase to 128 hp and 113 lb-ft of torque. The top speed is 120 mph. It also got a five-speed manual trans and 15-inch wheels. There were 833 of this version built, with an increase to $4,390. 

This 1968 Cosmo Sport is in Japan, offered at $64,000. It has a condition grade of 3.5, which isn’t mint, but definitely, a car you can drive and, as issues develop, you fix and continue enjoying. Of course, component failure means searching for parts will be a major consideration. But that comes with any vintage car.

Is the price worth it?

White 1968 Mazda Cosmo Sport front detail
1968 Mazda Cosmo Sport | Car From Japan

Another consideration will be customs and shipping to the U.S. This can add considerable expense. Of course, the shipping price depends on several considerations, but at minimum, you’re looking at $3,000 to a port on the west coast. But that price can spike quickly. 

But here’s the thing. Mazda Cosmos have sold in the U.S. for over $100,000. So no matter what its condition might be, which in this case is good, this seems like something that enthusiasts interested in vintage Japanese vehicles should look at


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