A dusty barn in Louisiana is full of over 70 vintage Mazda rotary engine cars
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Someone Just Found the Most Bizarre Barn Find Ever in Louisiana

I love covering barn-finds. It is the automotive equivalent of buried pirate treasure; you know you’ll likely never find one yourself, but you know they are out there. Of course, like buried treasure, not all barn-finds were created equal. Just because it’s a barn-find doesn’t mean it’s a vintage, lost, uber-rare, racing legend or prototype …

The Rotary engine design is unique to Miata cars since the 1960s.
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The Rotary Engine Is an Overlooked Engineering Masterpiece

When buying a brand-new car, the question of the engine’s construction hardly comes up, nor is it listed on the manufacturer’s website. While there are different engine sizes, configurations, and even forced induction, they all use cylinders and pistons. However, in the 1950s, a man named Felix Wankel developed an entirely different kind of engine. …

2015 Mazda RX-Vision Concept
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Mazda Might Seriously Bring the Rotary Back in a Hybrid

Mazda’s introducing quite a few updates. The next-gen Mazda6 is taking a page from BMW and offering an inline-6 and rear-wheel drive. The Japanese automaker is also re-introducing more physical infotainment controls and has been named the most reliable brand for 2020. However, there are at least 2 things Mazda’s missing. Although well-reviewed, the CX-5 …