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Many people are looking for used cars since new car prices have continued to increase. Using Google search data, one company found the most searched used cars in the U.S. The top 10 also includes a lot of sport utility vehicles and one pickup truck. Oddly enough, the most popular used vehicle people are hunting for is the Jeep Wrangler SUV.

The Jeep Wrangler is the most searched used car

The most searched used car is a Jeep Wrangler like the one photographed here
A Jeep Wrangler SUV | Christopher Dilts/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Compare The Market used Google search data to find out what the most in-demand vehicles are right now. The Jeep Wrangler was the most searched used car with 760,940 annual searches. That surpassed the second most searched vehicle by more than 250,000 searches, showing that buyers are very interested in the Jeep Wrangler.

The second most searched used car is the Toyota Tacoma pickup truck. People searched for a used Toyota Tacoma more than 509,490 times last year. Thanks to the uptick in compact pickup truck popularity, it makes sense buyers are out there searching for a Toyota Tacoma.

Finally, buyers seem intrigued about purchasing a Tesla Model 3. This Tesla EV racked up 490,360 annual searches and is one of the most popular vehicles in America. That’s right, not the most popular electric vehicle, one of the most popular vehicles. The Model 3 is one of the more affordable Teslas in the lineup, which probably also drives people to hunt for a used version.

The most searched used cars include plenty of SUVs too

In the top 10, SUVs were the top for the most searched used cars. Only one truck, the Toyota Tacoma, was in the top 10. The rest were sedans, like the ever-popular Honda Civic and Toyota Camry.

CarAnnual searchesType of vehicle
Jeep Wrangler759,000SUV
Toyota Tacoma509,200Truck
Tesla Model 3489,000Sedan
Honda Civic443,000Sedan
Toyota 4Runner346,800SUV
Honda Accord317,600Sedan
Toyota Camry300,700Sedan
Toyota Highlander296,900SUV
Jeep Grand Cherokee281,900SUV
Honda CR-V260,600SUV
The most in-demand used cars in the U.S. | 2022 Compare The Market

Many brands, such as Jeep, Toyota, and Tesla, have struggled with demand due to the semiconductor chip shortage. The need for used cars has continued to grow thanks to this lack of new car inventory.


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Using CarEdge’s Car Depreciation Calculator, Compare The Market took the 50 most popular used cars to find out which vehicles depreciated the most. In the top spot was the Nissan LEAF electric vehicle, which depreciated 49% in the first three years. The LEAF has been improved over the years, which means older versions have become obsolete faster. This Nissan EV was the 49th most searched used car, too.

The Range Rover is the second-fastest, most depreciating vehicle. Buyers of the Range Rover see 44% depreciation in the first three years, thanks to the high starting price. Even though it was the 20th most searched used car, the Range Rover doesn’t hold its value very well.

Finally, the Nissan Altima has an estimated three-year depreciation rate of 42%. As one of Nissan’s best-sellers, it provided a more affordable option than the Toyota and Honda versions. The Altima came in at 33 on the list of most popular used vehicles, regardless of depreciation.