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Looking for the most reliable Subaru? By one metric, the answer is pretty cut-and-dry. Only the Subaru Outback is more likely than the average SUV to reach 250,000 miles. 

Which Subaru is most likely reliable enough to reach 250,000 miles?

A 2021 Subaru Outback drives down a road in the sun. It's the most reliable Subaru by one metric.
2021 Subaru Outback | Subaru Outback

The most likely Subaru to reach 250,000 miles is the Outback. 

According to Business Insider, approximately 22.3 percent of Subaru Outback models from 2012 to 2022 reached the quarter-million-mile mark. It’s the only Subaru model to make the list. 

Business Insider reports that, on average, only about 15 percent of any given model makes it to 250,000 miles. The publication compiled a list of 14 SUVs showing higher rates of reaching that mileage marker. According to the report, the Subaru Outback ranks eighth. 

Here are the top 10 SUVs most likely to reach 250,000 miles, according to Business Insider: 

  1. Toyota Land Cruiser: 47.9 percent 
  2. Toyota Sequoia: 47.1 percent 
  3. Honda Pilot: 42.7 percent 
  4. Toyota 4Runner: 41 percent 
  5. Acura MDX: 29.2 percent 
  6. Honda Element: 27.8 percent 
  7. Honda CR-V: 27.5 percent 
  8. Subaru Outback: 22.3 percent 
  9. GMC Yukon XL: 21.3 percent
  10. Ford Expedition: 19.9 percent 

Toyota and Honda dominate the list

While Subaru only landed one model on the list of most reliable SUVs, Toyota and Honda each have multiple names on the roster. 

No fewer than five Toyota models are ranked among the top 14. Unsurprisingly, the brand has long had a strong reputation for reliability. Nameplates like the Toyota Land Cruiser and 4Runner are synonymous with reliability.

Honda is just behind with three models in the top rankings. Plus, its Acura luxury brand makes an appearance as well. 

Notably, no European vehicles are present in the rankings.  

Is the Outback the most reliable Subaru?

According to this specific metric, the Outback appears to be the most reliable Subaru. However, there are other metrics for judging the reliability of a vehicle. 

Reaching high mileage is undoubtedly a good indicator of general reliability in a vehicle. Yet it’s still important to consider other metrics like frequency of repairs, maintenance cost, etc. A comprehensive reliability rating would likely need to consider these factors. 

Other variables at play likely include ownership habits and the geographic location of Outback owners. These factors can play a significant role in reliability data – and they have nothing to do with a vehicle’s build quality or inherent durability. 

One thing is for sure – the Subaru Outback is a safe bet for anyone looking for one of the most reliable SUVs


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