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The Toyota Land Cruiser is one of the greatest Toyota SUV nameplates ever made. The Land Cruiser is an off-roading beast that can stand the test of time. The brand discontinued the full-size SUV, but there are still plenty of used models floating around. What is the best used Toyota Land Cruiser model year for the money?

The 2015 Toyota Land Cruiser provides incredible value for the money

The right back side of a blue Toyota Land Cruiser full-size SUV.
The right back side of a blue Toyota Land Cruiser full-size SUV | Toyota

Recent Land Cruiser model years are incredibly expensive. Most full-size SUVs can cost big bucks, but many Toyota Land Cruiser drivers overlook the cost of the large SUV because of how long it can last.

According to Kelley Blue Book, a 2015 Toyota Land Cruiser with under 102,000 miles has a fair purchase price of $44,492. A 2015 Land Cruiser with under 102K miles could potentially last for another 148,000 miles. Based on the average annual driving distance, that works out to an additional 10 years of ownership.

Well-maintained Toyota Land Cruiser models could even last for 300,000 miles. The 2015 Toyota Land Cruiser had an MSRP of about $81,000. So, under $45K for a used Land Cruiser that could last for another 10 years is a great deal for many drivers.

What’s so great about the Toyota Land Cruiser

A gray Toyota Land Cruiser full-size SUV  is driving off-road.
The Toyota Land Cruiser | Toyota

The Land Cruiser nameplate holds a special significance to off-roading enthusiasts. It’s able to tackle terrain that few vehicles in its segment can handle. The Toyota Land Cruiser’s heyday may have come and gone, but many automotive enthusiasts still admire and respect the SUV’s unique capabilities.

Aside from its off-roading chops, the Land Cruiser is also a legendary nameplate because of how long it’s able to stay on the road. Today, if a vehicle lasts for over 200,000 miles without having serious mechanical issues, it’s considered exceptional. The Toyota Land Cruiser is know for outlasting rivals by thousands of miles. It’s special because drivers know that once they get one in good condition, it’ll age gracefully.

Toyota no longer makes the Land Cruiser, but the Toyota Sequoia has many things in common with its Japanese cousin. The Sequoia could have a great impact on a new generation of drivers following its redesign.

Should you get a Toyota Land Cruiser?

The Land Cruiser may provide plenty of value for the money, but it isn’t for every driver. Used Toyota Land Cruiser models are ideal for full-size SUV drivers that intend to regularly take the road less traveled and battle tricky terrain. It’s a tough family SUV that embodies the phrase “they just don’t make ’em like they used to anymore.”

It isn’t a practical daily driver for most Americans. It’s specifically designed for off-roading enthusiats that value long periods of ownership and enough cabin space to take plenty of passengers along for the ride on trails.

So, if you aren’t interested in the very specific ownership experience that the Land Cruiser offers, it probably isn’t for you. That being said, true gearheads marvel at the full-size SUV’s endurance and dependability, whether they actually want one or not. Doug De Muro got one because he decided that the Land Cruiser was exactly what he needed to regularly travel from California to the North East.

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