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The Telluride offers plenty of trim levels. Picking one might be daunting, especially if you can afford a higher trim of this award-winning SUV. But most shoppers are interested in one Kia Telluride trim: the S. Here are the details.

The Kia Telluride has a dizzying number of trims

2023 Kia Telluride trims
2023 Kia Telluride | Kia

Kia offers 10 Telluride trims for the 2024 model.

The base model is the LX, starting at $35,990. It has a 291-hp 3.8-liter V6 engine and can tow 5,000 pounds.

The next trim is the S, with an MSRP of $37,890.

The $41,590 EX is next in the lineup, adding a sunroof and leather seat trim.

Another level up is the EX X-Line. Starting at $45,885, it has standard all-wheel drive.

Then there’s the SX. Starting at $45,285, this model offers dual sunroofs. 

The SX X-Line adds increased ground clearance for $49,285.

After that comes the SX X-Pro, with an MSRP of $50,285. This Kia Telluride trim increases the maximum towing capacity to 5,500 pounds.

The SX Prestige ups the price to $50,690 but drops the towing capacity to 5,000 pounds. In exchange, it adds Nappa leather seat trim.

The $52,185 SX Prestige X-Line also has Nappa leather upholstery but adds X-Line embossed front seats. 

Finally, the top-tier SX Prestige X-Pro starts at $52,185. It bumps the towing capacity to 5,500 pounds and boasts X-Pro 18-inch wheels with all-terrain tires and X-Pro styling.

Most shoppers choose 1 Kia Telluride trim over all the others

With so many options, you might have difficulty selecting the best, but one trim outsells the rest. According to Edmunds, the S trim is the most popular 2023 Kia Telluride trim. Why?

A significant reason is probably the price. For only $1,900 more than the LX base model, shoppers can upgrade to the S and get more desirable features. They include 20-inch wheels, roof rails, seven-passenger seating with second-row captain’s chairs, a wireless phone charger, an eight-way power driver’s seat with two-way power lumbar adjustments, and heated front seats.

Given the value for the price, the S trim is a steal. But do experts agree?

Which trims do car experts recommend?

Despite the S being the most popular Kia Telluride trim, experts recommend a different one. Both Edmunds and Car and Driver prefer the SX. That model is two trims above the S and costs $7,900 more. For that price, consumers get more desirable features, such as dual sunroofs, interior mood lighting with 64 color choices, and a Harman Kardon premium audio system. 

Still, most consumers are budget-conscious and can’t afford a $46,000 SUV. There’s also the fact that the SX trim’s additional features are more for convenience and comfort instead of functionality. However, the one feature most drivers value in an SUV is AWD. Because of this safety and performance feature, it’s clear why most consumers ignore the experts and choose the cheaper but practical S trim.


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