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Regardless of your automotive preferences for American cars, trucks, or SUVs, Honda has a reliable option. Despite being a Japanese company by origin, Honda has accomplished a remarkable feat by producing one of the most American-made pickup trucks of 2023. This achievement exemplifies Honda’s dedication to catering to diverse customer demands while embracing American manufacturing, especially when it comes to pickup trucks. With this impressive lineup and commitment to producing excellent American-made vehicles, Honda proves that it has plenty of options for shoppers in all segments.

What is the most American-made pickup truck of 2023?

The most recent American-made index is out, according to Tesla remains at the top, with its lineup taking up the top four spots. Only one truck made it into the top 10: the Honda Ridgeline. says the criteria that determine this include the assembly location, parts content, engine origin, transmission origin, and US manufacturing workforce.

Most American-Made RankMake/ModelBody Style
1Tesla Model YSUV
2Tesla Model 3Sedan
3Tesla Model X SUV
4Tesla Model SSedan
5Honda PassportSUV
6Volkswagen ID.4SUV
7Honda OdysseyMinivan
9Honda RidgelinePickup truck
10Acura RDXSUV
2023 American-Made Index

As the table above shows, Honda had three options on the most American-made list. The Honda Passport SUV was in spot five, and the Odyssey minivan came in at number seven.

Honda builds these vehicles, along with the Pilot SUV, at its Alabama factory. The Alabama Auto Plant is located in Lincoln, Alabama, and is responsible for building Honda’s V6 engines.

Which pickup trucks are 100% made in America?

The American-made 2023 Toyota Tundra Hybrid towing a trailer
2023 Toyota Tundra Hybrid | Toyota

The Toyota Tundra landed in the top 20 of the most American-made pickup trucks. Though the pickup segments are smaller, there were only 17 trucks that qualified to make it on the list. American drivers love trucks, but SUVs make up more of the sales. Sedans go in and out of popularity, but there are not as many American-made cars as SUVs.

Overall, Honda had nine cars, trucks, and sport utility vehicles on the list. Since this automaker is such a popular brand in the country, it makes sense Honda makes many of its vehicles here. According to the manufacturer, Honda has built over 30 million cars and light-duty pickups in America over the last four decades.

In 2023, Honda has 12 manufacturing plants that produce five million products annually. This includes cars for Honda and Acura, engines, transmissions, aircraft parts, power equipment, and powersports products. Not only that, but Honda has exported more than 1.4 million vehicles since 1987. Having the most American-made pickup truck of 2023 makes a lot of sense.

Where is the American-made Honda Ridgeline built?

The Alabama Auto Plant that makes the most American-made pickup truck of 2023 started producing vehicles in 2001. It has an annual capacity of 340,000 cars and 340,000 engines. That makes it one of Honda’s biggest plants in the US, followed by the Marysville Auto Plant. This production plant started making vehicles in 1982 and has the capacity to produce 440,000 vehicles a year. Honda builds the Accord, Accord Hybrid, Acura TLX & TLX Type S, and the Acura Integra & Integra Type S here.

There are many vehicles that didn’t make the list of American-made vehicles for a few reasons, but weight seemed one of the biggest. Both the Rivian R1S SUV and R1T pickup truck exceed the 8,500-pound maximum set by the American Automobile Labeling Act reporting. The GMC Hummer EV, Hummer EV SUV, and Chevrolet Silverado EV will also exceed Class 1 weight limits.

Even though Honda is a Japanese brand, it is a big manufacturer in the US. The 2023 American-Made Index shows that Honda has greatly emphasized making its vehicles in the country.


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