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Ford usually hits it out of the park with its SUVs, but one thing held the 2022 Edge back in some rankings. This feature does not impact the 2022 Ford Edge’s reliability but did hold it back in some safety tests. Check out which feature on this sport utility vehicle is better on the higher trims but needs improving for 2023.

Is the 2022 Ford Edge reliable?

According to the experts at Edmunds, the 2022 Ford Edge earned a four-star reliability rating. As a modern SUV, the Edge is brand-new and pretty spacious. It has room for five passengers and a comfortable interior. While it isn’t the most exciting midsize SUV, it is a reasonable and reliable option.

However, there is one area that the 2022 Ford Edge missed out on. When the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety rated last year’s Edge model, it gave it the Top Safety Pick award when equipped with specific headlights. The Ford SUV earned high marks on all seven major crashworthiness tests. Such tests include the small overlap, side update, and roof strength tests.

The Titanium trim with the 301A package and the ST trim with the 401A package received LED projector headlights. These were curve-adaptive and had high-beam assist but produced some glare. As such, these trim levels only earned the “acceptable” score.

The 2022 Ford Edge headlights need improving

Even though the 2022 Ford Edge excelled in some areas of the IIHS testing, it fell short in one key area. Ford decided to equip the SE, SEL, Titanium, and ST trims with non-curve adaptive LED projector low-beam and high-beam headlights. These did offer high-beam assist but showed excessive glare. With the high beams, the IIHS found that visibility was inadequate on both sides of the road.

Testing showed that the high-beam assist compensated for the limitations of the low beams on some left and right curves. Unfortunately, that only earned the 2022 Edge a score of “poor” in testing. It also disqualified these trims from earning the Top Safety Pick award.

The top-of-the-line trims with additional packages were needed to get the safer version. While some drivers might have considered the Titanium trim equipped with the 301A package or the ST trim equipped with the 401A package, it is more likely one of the more accessible options with the poor headlights on the list.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration still gave the SUV high marks

These 2022 Ford Edge headlights are an issue
A 2022 Ford Edge front end | Ford

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration gave the 2022 Ford Edge a five-star safety rating. It earned high marks on the frontal, side, and rollover crash tests. In addition, Forward Collision Warning, Lane Departure Warning, Crash Imminent Braking, and Dynamic Brake Support all earned the seal of approval.

The 2023 Ford Edge earned the same marks from the IIHS, earning the Top Safety Pick award when equipped with better headlights. However, these are the same headlights that only earned the “acceptable” score. The SE, SEL, Titanium, and ST trim headlights still earned a score of “poor.” In other words, Ford did not improve the headlights for 2023.

The 2022 Ford Edge still earned pretty good scores from experts at different outlets, but the headlights are holding this SUV back. Perhaps 2024 will bring an updated lineup for the high and low beams to make driving easier.


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