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This chunky-looking concept is Mitsubishi’s “D:X” cross between an SUV and a minivan. But as it looks to be ready for off-road excursions, we’ll call it an SUV. Because Mitsubishi has been producing its Delica off-road van for decades, we are hoping that this is the next iteration.

Mitsubishi says this has a plug-in hybrid drivetrain with electric 4×4 capabilities. It is packaged into an MPV-like large cabin with seating for six. Those fender bulges are there to “convey a sense of strength,” according to the D:X design team. 

What is the black section on top of the Mitsubishi D:X?

Mitsubishi D:X Delica van concept on rocky surface
Mitsubishi D:X Delica van concept | Mitsubishi

The unusual front fascia is a new take on Mitsubishi’s “Dynamic Shield” grilles that define the brand. There is now a skid plate and those blade-like LED running lights in the section protruding away from the windshield. That protrusion nests into the body form with the separation of the two in copper and black paint.

Topside, there is a storage box that ties into the concept’s overall design. The “T” shape of the running lights is also repeated for the rear taillights. Chunky proportions combining off-road tires pushed out to the corners give the D:X a sturdy stance. 

What’s housed inside of the Mitsubishi D:X black nose cone?

Mitsubishi D:X Delica van concept seating layout
Mitsubishi D:X Delica van concept | Mitsubishi

“The Mitsubishi D:X Concept is a concept car that brings together the best of Mitsubishi Motors’ technologies, our electrification and all-wheel control technologies in particular, with a view to realizing a carbon-neutral society,” Mitsubishi Motors president and CEO Takao Kato said. “We will continue to provide fulfilling mobility lifestyles that awaken the adventurous spirit of drivers and provide excitement for everyone on board.”

For those “on board,” the D:X features six seats inside with a 2+2+2 layout. The four front seats can rotate 360 degrees to add further versatility. A see-thru hood allows drivers a full-on view of what is around and ahead of the van, also incorporating VR as an additional visual aid. 

Will the next Delica look like this?

Mitsubishi D:X Delica van concept looking through see-thru hood
Mitsubishi D:X Delica van concept | Mitsubishi

The digital instrument panel also features an interactive AI concierge. Its oblong steering wheel displays several functions in the center spokes. A Yamaha sound system uses speakers in the headrests, adding to the audio experience. 

Mitsubishi D:X Delica van concept off-roading
Mitsubishi D:X Delica van concept | Mitsubishi

As with most of the other concepts at this week’s 2023 Japan Mobility Show, there is scant information on specifications and capabilities. What we can say is that if Mitsubishi can hew closely to the concept’s design for the next Delica, it would sell like crazy in the U.S. 

Will that happen? We can’t say, but what this shows is that Mitsubishi isn’t fading into oblivion but, instead, seems to be strutting its mojo. Let’s hope this new-found excitement finds its way into showrooms in the next couple of years. 


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