Minivan Choices Are Dwindling But You’ve Still Got Options

Recently FCA confirmed we would not see any further updates to the Dodge Grand Caravan, and it will soon be discontinued entirely. RIP Dodge Caravan. This doesn’t mean that hope is lost for those in the market for a minivan. Minivan choices are dwindling, but you’ve got options. 

Keeping Minivans in the Family: Chrysler Voyager and Chrysler Pacifica

Consumers who desire to remain brand loyal still have options to stay within the FCA family. FCA has produced two other models in recent years that provide more appeal to its consumer base. The introduction of the Chrysler Voyager and very popular Chrysler Pacifica are two options in the FCA lineup that made the Dodge Grand Caravan no longer relevant. 

Chrysler Voyager and Chrysler Pacifica

2020 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid

Chrysler Pacifica remains a prevalent choice due to its smooth ride, extensive infotainment system, and wealth of comfort features. The 2019 Chrysler Pacifica was named Family Car of the Year for by and a Best Buy awarded by Consumer reports. The Pacifica adds another option for consumers by offering a hybrid version of this model as well. 

2020 Chrysler Voyager

Chrysler Voyager is an excellent option for those not requiring the extensive list of amenities the Pacifica provides. The Voyager offers a full range of technologies. Apple Carplay, Android Auto, UConnect, and active noise canceling are just a few examples. There is an optional cold weather package that offers heated seats and steering wheel. 

You’ve Got Options with Honda, Kia, Toyota too

Outside of the FCA family, there is a good amount of competition in the minivan segment. U.S. News and World Reports ranked the Dodge Grand Caravan in fifth place out of five in its comparison of Best Minivans for 2020 behind the Honda Odyssey, Toyota Sienna, and Kia Sedona. It seems consumers wish it a fond farewell in favor of these minivans. 

Honda Odyssey

2020 Honda Odyssey
2020 Honda Odyssey | Honda

The Honda Odyssey offers some very unique brand features that help this model stand out in a crowd. Easy access to the third row is gained with its easy to move ‘Magic Slide’ second-row seating. Updated leather seating throughout gives the interior an elevated trim level feel. On a long road trip, the 10.2 display screen folds down, allowing kids to check the ‘How much farther? app”

Toyota Sienna

2020 Toyota Sienna SE Premium AWD
2020 Toyota Sienna SE Premium AWD | Toyota

Toyota Sienna remains popular due to the combination of delivering a powerful engine, comfortable ride cargo capacity, and available all-wheel drive. It also comes in at a very affordable price point. This makes it a good option for budget-minded buyers.  

Kia Sedona

Much of the Kia line up surpasses old school perceptions of the brand, and the Kia Sedona is no exception. Standard Slide and Stow storage in the Kia Sedona wins the hearts of consumers as families and travelers always need more room for the journey. Packed with drivers assist features and a four-camera surround-view monitor, the Sedona gives you the extra set of eyes parents need to keep an eye on everyone. The Sedona was named Best Minivan in initial quality by J.D Power in 2019.  

Minivans, while competing for SUV and crossover sales, still over the most comprehensive standard amenities per dollar spent. Taking a look at the minivan segment is a valuable consideration for those wanting to do the most while being wise with their dollars. Thankfully many manufactures are still providing many minivan choices for consumers.